prime procrastination.

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Why is packing for just one or two days such a silly undertaking? My Type A brain had my luggage all laid out two days ago in tidy little piles, carefully checking off every item as I packed it in my mental suitcase. But...my Type B personality has barely just folded the laundry and can't quite commit in advance to what I'll feel like wearing for the next 36 hours of my life!

I'm off to a work conference for the next few days...hope the kick off to your weekend is lovely:)

UPDATE: It is now 7:10am and I'm just starting to put things into my overnight bag. Still noncommittal on the clothing situation, but I leave at 7:55am so the time has come to just pick something. Ridiculous.


thursday thankfuls: breakfast edition.

I am thankful ...

...for the toasty oatmeal cooking on my stove. Yum!

...that I did not call in sick to work today. Although I was sorely tempted to...
...for my amazing landlord who doesn't believe in coin-op washers and dryers.
...for Burt's Bees.
...for the promise of working less than 40 hours a week when I return to school this fall. (I am a wimp. Feel free to judge.)
...for the refreshing promise of a weekend. Thank the Lord.

What teeny or huge things are you feeling thankful for this morning?


'stached' away.

My dad received two bottles of scotch for his 50th birthday this month, and since then Gabe has decided that if he wants to call himself a man, he also must own a bottle of scotch. Currently he drinks said scotch from a juice glass. Because he's classy that way.

But...I think a set of these
handetched glasses from Bread and Badger might fit the bill a smidgen better. Their etsy shop is filled glass items etched with saucy robots, octopi, penguins and my favorite...mustaches!

Thank you, early birthday gift ideas. I love you so much.


the domino effect.

When I read that Domino mag was about to bite the dust, I couldn't help but wander to the grocery store and wrap the current issue in an all-consuming embrace. From the glances I receive from store employees and my fellow shoppers, I could tell they thought I was mentally ill...or worried that I was about shove it under my ginormo sweatshirt and walk out. 

Either way...they just didn't understand.

Although many of it's pieces were a little rich for my blood, it understood me. I loved the cut of it's jib and the splashy color of it's pages. After losing Blueprint last year and Domino this year, I just don't know what I'll read anymore. Martha Stewart Living is a teensy lofty for my simple little life, and if Real Simple gets any thinner or prints off another "All the Lists You Need to Survive" issue, I just might cry.

A girl cannot live on stashed back issues alone! Got any mag recommendations?

spotting inspiration.

a. I know I haven't done so well on that "keeping things up to date" promise. I'll spare you the gamut of excuses, but suffice it say (in all truthfulness) life has been busy. Moving along...

b. At the risk of sounding like a one trick pony, I just need to reinforce that if you didn't heed my advice to check out Inchmark...I'm once again recommending that you head over there stat. If you don't, we're talking about missing out on the sweetest children's pajamas, an unbelievably fresh and thoughtful baby shower as well as the polka dot themed birthday party she just threw for her three year old, Bee. I've convinced myself that I wouldn't be completely overwhelmed trying to make 10 of these polka dot cakes for the 50-60 guests that will be attending my parent's 25th anniversary party this June. It wouldn't be a terrible amount of work...right? RIght. :)

c. Thanks for bearing with me. Hope your weekend is refreshing. :)


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