the domino effect.

When I read that Domino mag was about to bite the dust, I couldn't help but wander to the grocery store and wrap the current issue in an all-consuming embrace. From the glances I receive from store employees and my fellow shoppers, I could tell they thought I was mentally ill...or worried that I was about shove it under my ginormo sweatshirt and walk out. 

Either way...they just didn't understand.

Although many of it's pieces were a little rich for my blood, it understood me. I loved the cut of it's jib and the splashy color of it's pages. After losing Blueprint last year and Domino this year, I just don't know what I'll read anymore. Martha Stewart Living is a teensy lofty for my simple little life, and if Real Simple gets any thinner or prints off another "All the Lists You Need to Survive" issue, I just might cry.

A girl cannot live on stashed back issues alone! Got any mag recommendations?


  1. Oooo...I love Real Simple too...but I'm also need to be extremely organized for some reason...I'm so sad to see Domino go!

  2. I am so sad about Domino too. And my other absolute favorite ME Home Companion also is shutting their doors. I'm so sad. I can't really think of anything like Domino. Cottage Living is good sometimes.

  3. i agree... all the good ones are leaving! what am I going to read next month???


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