prime procrastination.

photo via anjie

Why is packing for just one or two days such a silly undertaking? My Type A brain had my luggage all laid out two days ago in tidy little piles, carefully checking off every item as I packed it in my mental suitcase. But...my Type B personality has barely just folded the laundry and can't quite commit in advance to what I'll feel like wearing for the next 36 hours of my life!

I'm off to a work conference for the next few days...hope the kick off to your weekend is lovely:)

UPDATE: It is now 7:10am and I'm just starting to put things into my overnight bag. Still noncommittal on the clothing situation, but I leave at 7:55am so the time has come to just pick something. Ridiculous.


  1. Have fun! Where are you going?

  2. Just a little bit outside of Minneapolis...not too far from home, but far enough to constitute an overnight stay!


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