spotting inspiration.

a. I know I haven't done so well on that "keeping things up to date" promise. I'll spare you the gamut of excuses, but suffice it say (in all truthfulness) life has been busy. Moving along...

b. At the risk of sounding like a one trick pony, I just need to reinforce that if you didn't heed my advice to check out Inchmark...I'm once again recommending that you head over there stat. If you don't, we're talking about missing out on the sweetest children's pajamas, an unbelievably fresh and thoughtful baby shower as well as the polka dot themed birthday party she just threw for her three year old, Bee. I've convinced myself that I wouldn't be completely overwhelmed trying to make 10 of these polka dot cakes for the 50-60 guests that will be attending my parent's 25th anniversary party this June. It wouldn't be a terrible amount of work...right? RIght. :)

c. Thanks for bearing with me. Hope your weekend is refreshing. :)

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  1. Yay! You're blogging again! Please no more drought in your posts! Your writings always make me smile! As far as cakes are concerned for 25th party let me know if I can help! wink, wink!


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