'stached' away.

My dad received two bottles of scotch for his 50th birthday this month, and since then Gabe has decided that if he wants to call himself a man, he also must own a bottle of scotch. Currently he drinks said scotch from a juice glass. Because he's classy that way.

But...I think a set of these
handetched glasses from Bread and Badger might fit the bill a smidgen better. Their etsy shop is filled glass items etched with saucy robots, octopi, penguins and my favorite...mustaches!

Thank you, early birthday gift ideas. I love you so much.


  1. This is so cute!! I want one of the etched soap dispensers!

    Studio Chic did a great job and was sooooo helpful!! She is making a background for me right now and I am very impressed with her work!

  2. These are hilarious! Ha! I'm sure he is going to love them.

  3. These are so super cute! What a great present for a boy, or a man!

  4. These are great, such a cute gift idea too. Now I want some :)


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