come alive.

The weekly quotes over at Creature Comforts have become the inspiration for changing my desktop wallpaper on a regular basis (i.e., more than once every six months). That and hiding all of my desktop icons. Because I'm a serial "Save to Deskop"er. Yep. I'm one of those. 


bright and sunny.

This past week has been a crazy combination of belated winter's flu and restless spring fever. (Is it just me or is everyone sick?) So, on Saturday, I did my darnedest to convince Gabe that driving to Minneapolis was a great way to combat the spring fever portion of the weekend's mood dejour.

The Midtown Global Market has been on my Minneapolis to-dos for quite some time, but had yet to be checked off. I could never find the right time to skip on over to that part of townand have time to browse all the groceries and vendors. I was in luck...Gabe willingly took the bait.

Just a few highlights of that experience:

(Above: Salty Tart is an unbelieveably adorable little bakery within the market. These spiced pear cupcakes looked to die for, but I opted for a loaf of sourdough. Deliciously crusty and yummy.)

(Above and below: I swear the Ames Farm stand featured at least 10 different kinds of honey and an assortment of silly sounding jams. Raspberry Pepper Jam sounds like an absolute winner of a guy's birthday or Christmas gift.)

At the risk of sounding shallow-I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the entire facility is so modern, well organized and very clean. Consider the experience wholeheartedly recommended!

Just a tip: If you're craving bubble tea (or not, and are just the adventurous type)...seek out Pham's Deli and get the Almond Bubble Tea. Maybe it's because I haven't had Bubble Tea since I lived in San Francisco several years ago, or that no one in Wisconsin knows what it is, but it was extra delicious. :)


in focus.

Thanks to Uncle Sam, who helped himself to an extra hefty amount of cash from my paychecks in 2008, I now have a beautiful new friend. His name is Otto...because life is better when everything has cute names. And when you get to kiss your circa 2004 pain-in-the-arse point and shoot adios.

Cheers to tax returns. :)


thursday thankfuls: belated edition

Feeling thankful for...

...my job. Especially with all the dismal economic and job loss news of late.

...my guy, who brought me this bottle of ginger ale and box of crackers from the local organic store while I was under the weather this week.

...sunshine. And finally turning the heat off for good.

...paper plates. Not proud of it, but I've switched entirely to paper plate useage during the week. No dishwasher, and absolutely no time for scrubbing dishes Monday through Friday. Call me a bachelor, but they do make some pretty snazzy paper plates nowadays.

...my little bottle of
LaSource lotion. A trusty pal during the harsh single digit temps.

...the promise of seeing my two closest girlfriends in just a few short months!

Feeling it? Jump on in and list. :)


giveaway winner!

And the winner is...

Catherine from
little glowing lights! Catherine's apartment was just featured over at Apartment Therapy...be sure to click on over and check it out. Absolutely stunning and full of bluish/greenish beauty of all kinds.

Other than a package I once shipped to a Canadian love interest (oh young love), I've never mailed outside of the U.S....is it pathetic that I'm so entirely excited to ship to AUSTRALIA? Catherine, e-mail me with your name and mailing address at wwrinserepeat(at)gmail(dot)com, and I'll ship this little package over the great big sea and right to your doorstep!

Thanks to all who left comments...I wove my way through your blogs and found so many inspiring new daily reads. I'll be rocking another giveaway on Sunday, March 22nd, so please come back and drop your name again!


thursday thankfuls: issue two

Today I'm feeling thankful for...

...last night's long overdue heart to heart with my best gal.

...sweatpants. Sweatshirts. Long sleeve t-shirts. Comfyness. 
...the safety pin that's holding my right shoe together (can you see it?).
...today's predicted high temp of 45 degrees (!!!).
...a phone call from my boss just to say thanks.
...March. And the promise of a snow-free existence in just a few short weeks.

Feeling thankful? Feel free to list :)

operation: bliss out

Behold: the Sticky Fig cupcake. A little lovely from The Cupcake Deck! (Which reminds me, if you haven't dropped a comment on my previous giveaway post, please do...it ends tonight!)

Sticky Fig cupcakes sound frightening, but they're surprisingly quite yummy and fairly simple to whip up (with the exception of locating dried figs in Smalltown, WI.) Serve this little guy with a brown sugar glaze and a spot of cream, and you've got yourself some straight up breakfast bliss.

Speaking of bliss, I'm off work today (squeal!). Snagging a random day off in the middle of the week feels so sacred, that I can't help but plan my entire day in advance so as not to waste a second of it. Gotta run-I've got a 10:30am appointment with my pile of laundry. :)

Hope the middle of the week treats you kindly...be sure to check back tomorrow!


sweet giveaway!

May I please introduce you to...tiny drum roll please...my first ever giveaway?

The Cupcake Deck.  Nestled inside this colorful 6"x4" box, lies twenty five *adorable* cupcake recipes. Cupcakes for picnics, cupcakes suitable for shmansy, snooty dinner parties, cupcakes for breakfast (what? yes!). Each recipe includes a gorgeous photo of the tasty cake and is printed on a durable folded card perfect for counter propping. Altogether, it's simply the largest display of cupcake deliciousness I've ever encountered. Seriously.

To enter, just leave a friendly little comment by Wednesday evening and I'll drop your name in the "drawing" jar! If you've never commented in the past...don't feel awkward. Throw your hat in the ring, my friend!

Be sure to check back Thursday to see if you've won!

**Cupcake Deck pictured is mine...don't worry, the giveaway deck is safely wrapped and ready to send, and NOT sprawled out across my coffee table!

cloud nine am.

Today: Got up early, made pancakes, sorted through old mail, rearranged my bookshelves and sobbed wholeheartedly (on three separate occasions) while watching Molly Shannon in Year of the Dog. Look-I even had time to make my bed. :) 

For some reason, Sunday mornings feel so much more energizing and peaceful than any other morning.

Stay tuned for a little giveaway later today!


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