bright and sunny.

This past week has been a crazy combination of belated winter's flu and restless spring fever. (Is it just me or is everyone sick?) So, on Saturday, I did my darnedest to convince Gabe that driving to Minneapolis was a great way to combat the spring fever portion of the weekend's mood dejour.

The Midtown Global Market has been on my Minneapolis to-dos for quite some time, but had yet to be checked off. I could never find the right time to skip on over to that part of townand have time to browse all the groceries and vendors. I was in luck...Gabe willingly took the bait.

Just a few highlights of that experience:

(Above: Salty Tart is an unbelieveably adorable little bakery within the market. These spiced pear cupcakes looked to die for, but I opted for a loaf of sourdough. Deliciously crusty and yummy.)

(Above and below: I swear the Ames Farm stand featured at least 10 different kinds of honey and an assortment of silly sounding jams. Raspberry Pepper Jam sounds like an absolute winner of a guy's birthday or Christmas gift.)

At the risk of sounding shallow-I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the entire facility is so modern, well organized and very clean. Consider the experience wholeheartedly recommended!

Just a tip: If you're craving bubble tea (or not, and are just the adventurous type)...seek out Pham's Deli and get the Almond Bubble Tea. Maybe it's because I haven't had Bubble Tea since I lived in San Francisco several years ago, or that no one in Wisconsin knows what it is, but it was extra delicious. :)


  1. Where and when did you live in SF? I was there for 12 years before moving to the Seattle area 3 years ago - Clement St. was my favorite haunt - home....

  2. i need to send my cousin over to the salty tart. looks adorable!

  3. Ooooo...I love that place! I need to head over there soon...

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend a day, I like the idea of going out exploring rather than caving into sickness : )

  5. Your trip sounds amazing. Love it. Your blog is fun and interesting. Love your new camera.

  6. MGM is one of my favorite places in the Cities! i am glad you liked it!

  7. love those jams. i bought some homemade rose hip jam at a market this weekend and it is too beautiful.

    i love san francisco - i've been there once and absolutely adored it.

  8. So while I was in Seattle last weekend I was introduced to Bubble Tea. It's pretty big out here. And TJ loves it.
    I just couldn't handle the texture of the little tapioca balls...but they were fun to dissect!
    But you're right when you say that you probably no one in Wisconsin knows what it is!


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