operation: bliss out

Behold: the Sticky Fig cupcake. A little lovely from The Cupcake Deck! (Which reminds me, if you haven't dropped a comment on my previous giveaway post, please do...it ends tonight!)

Sticky Fig cupcakes sound frightening, but they're surprisingly quite yummy and fairly simple to whip up (with the exception of locating dried figs in Smalltown, WI.) Serve this little guy with a brown sugar glaze and a spot of cream, and you've got yourself some straight up breakfast bliss.

Speaking of bliss, I'm off work today (squeal!). Snagging a random day off in the middle of the week feels so sacred, that I can't help but plan my entire day in advance so as not to waste a second of it. Gotta run-I've got a 10:30am appointment with my pile of laundry. :)

Hope the middle of the week treats you kindly...be sure to check back tomorrow!


  1. Did "Mr. Fig" give you this recipe?

  2. Thanks, Emily!

    girls2ladies...I'm unsure who you are! You are either my mom, a former elementary school classmate or someone random who knows a freakish amount of information about my childhood and 1st grade Reading class reader, "Mr. Fig and the Magic Flying Car".

    I'm guessing you're my mom? Reveal yourself :)

    Mr. Fig didn't give me this recipe, but I did reminisce a little about first grade while baking these. :)

  3. You got me! Just your dear old Mom stopping by to drool over your baking and wish you a super day off. Also thought "Mr. Fig" might be a blast from your past. Just remember he wasn't magic!

  4. hey. thanks for your recent comment :) Always nice to get. Glad you liked the silhouette necklaces too. They could be creepy if not careful or incredibly sweet like those. xx


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