thursday thankfuls: issue two

Today I'm feeling thankful for...

...last night's long overdue heart to heart with my best gal.

...sweatpants. Sweatshirts. Long sleeve t-shirts. Comfyness. 
...the safety pin that's holding my right shoe together (can you see it?).
...today's predicted high temp of 45 degrees (!!!).
...a phone call from my boss just to say thanks.
...March. And the promise of a snow-free existence in just a few short weeks.

Feeling thankful? Feel free to list :)


  1. -that the dog didn't make a successful break for freedom at the edge of the road the other day
    -that I have the whole month free of family and to myself
    -that today my girlfriends will willing model adult-size cupcake hats in the local cafe that sells cupcakes, cuz they love me
    -that I still feel hopeful about my dreams, if only slightly bedraggled

  2. I'm thankful for finding your blog! What a nice addition to my daily reads. :)

    Also, you've inspired me to find some red flats, pronto. What a sweet little photo.

  3. - the coworker who took my shift for me tomorrow night so I can see my niece, even though that means she must work from 2PM friday-6AM saturday
    - my supportive family in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, and Cambodia
    - Matt Chandler and the Village Church podcast for thought-provoking, convicting, and truth filled sermons
    - having 4 days off this week, 3 of them spent with TJ
    - you, for helping me find what I am thankful for, even when it's not so easy =)
    - and peach black tea from Stash

  4. 1. coming home to dinner already cooked
    2. $5 tanks from old navy
    3. having my 2 best friends getting married this year & letting me play with all of the details

    cute shoes!

  5. Yay for thankful ladies! :)

    Sara Christine-I'm thankful for finding your blog, too! :) Also, red flats are the solution to almost any outfit. They can roll with black, white, blue, grey...almost any color. The only color I haven't successfully combined with red is brown. I'm sure someone else could rock it, but it is certainly not this gal.

    Andrea, isn't is funny how hard it can be to find just a few things? O guess that's why I started this. I figure if I make myself think at least once I week, I'll be ever so slightly more aware of what I should be thankful for!

  6. those shoes are cutee :)
    I'm thankful that I bought a beautiful blue chiffon dress with a cape attached today!!


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