thursday thankfuls: belated edition

Feeling thankful for...

...my job. Especially with all the dismal economic and job loss news of late.

...my guy, who brought me this bottle of ginger ale and box of crackers from the local organic store while I was under the weather this week.

...sunshine. And finally turning the heat off for good.

...paper plates. Not proud of it, but I've switched entirely to paper plate useage during the week. No dishwasher, and absolutely no time for scrubbing dishes Monday through Friday. Call me a bachelor, but they do make some pretty snazzy paper plates nowadays.

...my little bottle of
LaSource lotion. A trusty pal during the harsh single digit temps.

...the promise of seeing my two closest girlfriends in just a few short months!

Feeling it? Jump on in and list. :)


  1. -having had such a great father, who,had he survived would have had a birthday today
    -having siblings to share my more innocent life memories with
    -a basket on my bike that holds just enough
    -a dog, my furry friend who likes whip cream on the coffee just as much as I
    -a moment like this, when I can remember to reflect

  2. I'm thankful for Joe Strummer's amazing musical selection and crochet, because the took my mind of my break-up, even if only for a short time.


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