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Alright, girls. In an effort to continue the bizarro overshare of personal information during the weekend, here's where I just put it all out on the line: I'm a size large. I'm also white (not just the race...the visually blinding color).Today I went swimsuit shopping. You do the math.

(bonjour, JCrew beauty)

I haven't worn a suit in over two years, but needless to say, I'm a one-piece kind of girl. But I have a theory that due to my short stature, my chest sits much higher than what the average suit allows for, making it near impossible to find a suit in which my upper body is not either vulgarly displayed for all to see, or flattened so tightly that it looks likes two Saran-wrapped pancakes fighting for air (bad visuals? so sorry...). Does anyone else suffer from this problem, or am I totally kooky?

(hello, more JCrew gorgeousness)

Oh, JCrew, why must you be 90 miles away and a tad over budget? All I'm asking for is a tasteful neckline, a classic solid and a smidge of support! Can't a girl get a little swimsuit love?


  1. I love these two suits! Very sophisticated but still oh la la! I like a one piece as well. And what was funny last weekend when were were on a beachy weekend at a resort where there were lots of europeans, EVERYONE was in a bikini save me and a couple old russian ladies. Very funny. And I'm major white too. I'd like to think it's healthy and elegant rather than blinding ;)

  2. Swimsuit shopping-yargh.
    I hate it. Hope you find something you love. I'll let you know if I find anything in town I think you'll like.

  3. You're not crazy. I feel your pain. Swimsuit shopping is painful for everyone I think. My body is too long, things never fit me right. I am in need of one as well but am dreading the shopping process. I think the lights in the store make it worse too. I liked your picks- J Crew always has great suits. I say just go for one you like and wear it confidently.

  4. Every year I feel less and less inclined to show my belly - but I am with Becca on this - I see women who many sized larger and they look great because they are comfortable. So, you are white - then choose a lovely color that goes with your skin tone and NOT something black or grey because you think it will be slimming. The one piece style is already gonna help you with that - now just help yourself to a color that makes you feel happy to put it on and fins cute accessories to dress it up with - like a low cal sangria! OLE!

  5. ooohh they're pretty! I love how I torture myself every year to only wind up wearing it like once. Then next year, I always need a new one. Oh and swimsuit shopping is the devil. pure and simple.

    oh and haha, my verification word is "sufferin", kinda appropriate for the subject matter, eh?

  6. I definitely relate to Shannon's comment! I have like 5 swimming suits from the last 5 years and I hate them all. So I feel this need to look for a new one which I will inevitably only wear once, but still go through the paining process of finding one...It's a sick cycle, really.

    Anyway, I think a swimsuit that you love is worth spending a little extra... =) And going to JCrew would be a great excuse for a trip to the cities!

    Good Luck!

  7. There was a great spread in this month's Glamour about swimsuit shopping for your shape. Not a particularly revolutionary article, but they had some super cute suits.


  8. Ladies, thanks for all the "swimsuit love"! :)

    Cheryl, I love it. Europeans seem so much more confident with their bodies...what is the trick? And I'm glad that major white can be elegant :)

    Amanda, thanks for the support...keep me updated!

    Becca, aren't the lights AWFUL? Yuck. Finding a suit for a long bod sounds frustrating...but I bet you look fab when you find the right one! :)

    A low-cal sangria is definitely on my hit list after all that shopping, Lady P! Thanks for the tips!

    Shannon, the devil is the only way to describe swimsuit shopping...and your word verification couldn't have been more perfect for this little convo!!

    Hehe, Andrea...you know me so well. Always looking for a little trip, and needing some affirmation that it's alright to splurge. :)

    And Sara, thanks for that Glamour link...I never would have thought to avoid boyshorts in favor of higher cut bottoms! Good tips and beautiful suits!

    Whew-that was long...but, I feel much better about baring a sub-par bod, knowing that some of my favorite ladies and bloggers share the same insecurities and problems!

  9. One pieces are so hard for me b/c I am tall! The ones you can buy at target always seem to creep up the butt! I am holding off on getting a new one...its not warm enough out there yet...is it?

  10. They are both darling, and I think that you should go for it! You will feel much better about yourself when you hit that beach if you do. Not that I can talk, I have skillfully evaded wearing a suit in public for years. "oh my word, I forgot my bathing suit" seems to be an excuse I use rather often.

  11. bethany,
    i'm in the same boat. last year i bought this swimsuit, however, and i was really impressed with it. the site's a little jank, but i recommend them!

    i got white but i'd like to order a black one now.

  12. i love that first suit.

    on the victoria's secret website they have a gorgeous one piece called 'retro one piece.' check it out.

    we call swimsuits 'bathers' in my part of the world.

    i also hate shopping for them - they're so hit and miss. i tried on one of those bikini strapless bandeau type tops and it made me look like i had a weird, low unaboob.

  13. I think both of these suits are great! I too recently had a encounter with the depressing realities that are swimsuit shopping. Feel free to read about it on my blog if you would like to comiserate. It spills way too much personal info describing my fat knees :)

  14. Those suits are beautiful! I'm a one-piece type of girl myself, or at most a "tankini" (what an odd word) but that's as far as I go!


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