b-day wishes

Today my sis, Dana, turns twenty four!

I always forget how uncommon it is to have a sibling so close in age-we're just a smidge over a year apart. Since we're close in age and somewhat opposite in interests, personality and style, the fact that we're sisters has often gone undetected by those we didn't grow up with. When we were preschool age, my mom was stopped in a grocery store by a (completely obnoxious) shopper and asked if we were both her daughters...and if so, we were both from the same father? (Yes, my mother politely informed her, they are.)

So, I raise a little web-toast to a gal who through the years has been my arch-nemesis, an absolute sanity-saver, my biggest pet peeve and one of my best pals. I wish you the happiest of happy 24th birthdays. :)


  1. what a sweet picture...i looove that paper {target? yes?}

  2. yes, though siblings close in age always are the first to turn on us at a certain age - it was my brother for me - 18 months apart - and for a few years =mortal enemies. Now, I couldn't be happy without him

  3. Awww...thanks! And I agree to my being a royal pain in your...um...neck? Thanks for putting up with me the last almost 23 years!

  4. it freaks me out how rude strangers can be.

  5. Hi! You just won my Lovebirds Giveaway! Come by my blog and give me some more details so I can send your lovebirds on their way!

  6. Most definitely Target, Paisley Peacock! :) Can't go wrong there!


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