a bit of earth.

My new favorite plant. And my new favorite gardening gloves.

Gabe and I decided that this was the weekend to do some spring planting, since I'm slowly working on transforming my itty-bitty porch into a thing of beauty. It was the perfect Saturday undertaking. I'm a little worried, though, since I'm not a greenthumb...infact, I've probably offed enough potted plants to fill a small country. Specifically, one love fern which Gabe sent to me during long-distance dating days. Yes. He seriously sent me a love fern. And I seriously killed it, without even trying.

So...any advice for a novice greenthumber?


  1. There are some plants that are rather hardy and don't need as much watering - maybe consult with the locals and find out what they are for your area - then be prepared to be able to ignore them AND have them still thrive!

  2. look to see what your neighbors have had success with and be liberal with compliments - it can often lead to the offer of starters or extras......make sure your plants have sufficient sunlight.
    good luck.

  3. seasol is your friend. it's a sea weed solution that your plants will go wild for

    my word verification thingy is 'blojog'...i feel dirty!?

  4. I hope you are feeling better now. My advice is to water, but really I'm much like you : ) succulents are good they don't need so much watering!

  5. I kill lots of plants. actually, all plants in pots usually die in my care. But i have become a big fan of boston fernson my deck b/c they are very forgiving and luch and green. Good luck.


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