dear mother nature...

Tonight, while wearing a t-shirt that proudly proclaimed "PROTECT NATURE" in giant blue and green type across my chest, I dropped by the grocery store. I bought a giant flat of bottled water and had my groceries bagged in plastic. 

Talk about bad juju. I'm quite positive that I will wake up tomorrow morning to find everything I know and love reduced to ashes after a freak late-night lightening storm.

So, Mother Nature/god of the jujuness, I offer up this peace offering. A few photos I took today. OF NATURE. I do love nature, I do! However, I also love having 30 icy bottles of water in my fridge...and, well, the paper bag handles always break on my way up the stairs...


  1. Those pics are beautiful, I think they're a good trade-off!

  2. Your photos are just gorgeous!! And your plastic bag fiasco made me laugh. Life's too short to get TOO worried about what kind of container you drink your water from. Haha :)

  3. You make me laugh. Here's hoping Mother Nature doesn't seek revenge:)

  4. You don't have a water purifier at home? We're lucky enough to be able to drink water out of the tap here in New Zealand, but I do have a purifying jug that sits (unused!) in the cupboard. It's a 'Brita' one and it fits in the door of a fridge perfectly. You just buy the carbon insertable purifiers from the grocery store.
    ASLO, if you email me you address, I will send you an organic fabric grocery bag......just 'cos I like your blog x


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