next to my pillow.

Again...is it just me, or is everyone sick? Today marks my second sick day within the last three weeks. Thankfully, I'm allotted a generous number of sick days a year and my co-workers are ever-so-understanding when it comes to being under the weather. But even with a temp of 101 degrees and smashing headache, I felt so guilty for missing another day.

After spending the day cuddled up in bed, life is looking considerably more sunny...even though I'm still trying to shake the cough of an eighty year-old chain smoker...


  1. I hope you feel better! And it isn't just you, I think is the weather!
    Make sure to take a look at my Flip Flop Swap and see if you want to sign up:)

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Why didn't you call? i would have stopped by and kissed it and made it all better. That's what moms do!

  4. stop feeling guilty and think of it as mandatory time to slow down and check in with yourself - that's really what being sick is all about

  5. Oh! Feel better soon! My Eleanor was so sick last week it was just awful.

    I love how your books happen to match the items around them :)

  6. You got that too? Hope I wasn't the one to give it to you...if so, sorry. I was down the first part of the week as well, wish I has sick days...


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