so close i can taste it...

(Above: Some of the incredible produce that was selflessly shared with me this week!)

Can we just talk about how excited I am that spring is right around the corner? Sure, it snowed this morning, but in Wisconsin that means nothing...and I refuse to waste any energy loathing a few harmless flakes. I cannot wait another minute for the freshness of open windows, blue skies and green grass.

Speaking of spring, I've officially completed my two annual spring projects: cleaning and shopping. When it comes to clothes shopping, I'd consider myself a bi-annual shopper. Each spring and fall I make a trip out for the essentials. I wish these cheery pumps and this cardigan had somehow magically found their way into my budget and onto my essentials list...but this spring essentials list only called for a new pair of flip flops, one pair of jeans, several camis and new perfume. 

Check, check, check and check. Is it just me, or can the perfect bottle of new perfume change your life? Alright, alright, maybe not your life...but perhaps your entire season?


  1. that fruit makes me want summer even more!!! i love nothing more than the great fresh fruit in the summertime!

  2. I can't believe that you can go shopping for clothing with a "list"! what fortitude and strength you have! I love to go thrifting, myself, and so many fun alnd lovely items find their way back to my home. If I don't end up loving them, the cost of a cup of designer coffee is all I may have spent, and then I just donate it back. Please try - you may just find a striped cardy!

  3. Kudos on your thrifting, Lady P! I'm definitely a thrifter, but mostly for household items. Dishware, linens and other household goods seem reasonably priced here, but clothing in the local thrift stores is obscenely overpriced. Why is that...and is it that way everywhere?

    Clothing for me is a little difficult to fit, too. Something about being 5'2" with hips the width of a small land yacht...it's a horrible combo!

    But...it never stops me from looking :)

  4. fragrance is very important. i'm addicted to perfume. i'd tell you how many i have but it's embarrassing.

  5. i agree- perfume is the best accessory for a new season. My husband and I always buy a bottle of perfume and cologne whehever we go on vacation- that way every time we use them during the year we are reminded of our fun trips. ANd good job shopping for clothes with a list. impressive.

  6. yeah - you are right - that sun is amazing! hey, how is the new camera going? so envious over here - you probably could afford it 'cuz you make those shopping lists hehe!

  7. You are taking really beautiful pictures with your new camera! Nice. Love the lighting. What are you using to make your edges all rounded here?

  8. Oh I love that striped cardi! Sounds like you got to make a few purchases tho. And new perfume, that's always a lovely gift for yourself. I need some new perfume too, but can't quite decide.

  9. Ditto everything you said. Soo excited for spring, great photograph too!

    P.S. I added your blog to my faves

  10. Thanks for your comments, all! :)

    Cheryl-I use mostly Picnik.com for the rounding/touch-up type stuff. It's free...no downloads needed, so I can use it pretty much anywhere, which I love.

    I would love to use Photoshop, but don't have the time or patience to learn right now!


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