Today we capitalized on spring's arrival with a celebratory jaunt over to Minneapolis and a trip to the zoo. The weather was pure perfection...blue skies and sunshine; the ideal flip-flop and t-shirt day. The animals had emerged from wherever the little guys head to in sub-zero temps, families were out in force and I do believe I spotted a few patches of green grass. 

(this little guy was absolutely enamored with the fish tank.)

Gabe and I are quite sure we were the only childless couple in the entire zoo today. Situations like this always leave Gabe wildly uncomfortable (which I find hilarious), since I have an incredibly honed baby radar. If there's an adorable child under the age of five anywhere within a 20 foot radius, I know. And trust me, I will smile, wink, wave or peek-a-boo for as long as that adorable child remains in my sight, or I swear to you I will spontaneously combust. I CANNOT HELP IT. Children are my kryptonite (in the most innocent of ways). 

Adding to Gabe's discomfort, a sound byte of me at the zoo could quite possibly be mistaken for a four year old child...since my conversation is reduced mainly to, "AWWW! BABY SEAL!!!" and "OHMYGOSH, GOAT EATIN' FOOD!!"

(just a friendly reminder from the MN Zoo that YOU WEIGH MORE THAN A SEAL.)

Anyway, by the time we returned home we found our own little zoo. Our kitten, Ned, had taken it upon himself to throw up five times in Gabe's apartment. No worries, though...nothing serious!

Um, well that's it for this weekend's bizarre-o installment of "More Information Than You Ever Bargained For". 

Happy weekending :)


  1. Kids rock my world (that's a good thing since I'm around them all the time). I love hearing what they say and love that they think the zoo is such a wonderful place. Sorry Gabe was feeling a bit uncomfortable...

  2. well I think the zoo is one of those places where you can be a kid again and be loud and excited : ) poor kitty, I hope he's alright?


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