because i can't...

...stand looking at that last post any longer--behold! Another photo of local flora! 

Pardon the previously mentioned prior post/life breakdown. Every single second that post hangs out in cyberspace is one second that makes me increasingly less cool. And life is, really, truly and fundamentally, all about being the coolest you can appear to be to others. (Of course, I'm kidding.) 

But thank you, thank you, thank you to those who let me know that yes, having a life-panic is perfectly normal. And furthermore, we all write our life-chapters at different paces, and if one is not carrying multiple babies, signing a 40 year mortgage and pursuing a masters in astrophysics at age 30...LIFE WILL BE OKAY. Really. It will. Now breathe.

And, as a treat for sludging through the funk with me, I give you this. A song that may be the most hauntingly beautiful thing in the world.


  1. LOVE the song!

    SEE YOU SOON!!! =)

  2. I'm so glad you posted this song. I saw this video and it uses that song. It's the most stinkin cute family video ever, you must check it out
    emily falconbridge

  3. This song? Amazing:)

    Thanks for the find!

  4. Wow, what an amazing singer, and a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing that!
    And hey, I think you're cool! Glad you've lifted out of your funk too :)
    PS I've lost the bag I bought you and now have to wait till I go to that side of the city again to get another........sorry to be the worst blog promiser in the world! Silly me :( !

  5. hey. I meant to comment on your last post. You are just keeping it real and that's nice. I do feel though very vulnerable at times when I post things and it's hard at times isn't it - but you need to get it out. I tell you, my early twenties were THE hardest time period I have went through yet. So much to figure out...and you'll get it all figured. You have so much ahead! How exciting! Beautiful photo.


Every time you comment, a unicorn gets his wings. Also, my phone beeps and your words bring me joy. :)


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