let them eat cake.

Yesterday was Gabe's birthday, so Tuesday morning I set out to make a fabulous three layer cake...which turned out to be fabulous only in theory. Halfway into the frosting process, the entire back of the cake crumbled and caved like a Californian rock slide. And, at that moment a vital lesson was learned: There is absolutely no cake crater that scads of frosting can't fix. You may literally have to use your bare hands to scoop handfuls of frosting into said crater, but don't give up. It can be fixed.

Needless to say, fantabulous fantasy cake was ruined, and the cake train took a sharp left turn to Seussville (see photo above). It was the only way I could salvage it. I adjusted the layers to be slightly off center, whipped up a batch of green frosting and threw some crazy aqua polka dots on top of it all. Seussified.

It may have been the most tragic cake I've seen, but, it's the thought that counts, right? :)


  1. Oh no! Collapsing cake alert! It looks cute. The funny thing is that I actually did a cake for my husband with dots like that too, hehehe.

  2. This is actually soooo cute!

  3. Ummm...and it tasted delicious.

    Thanks for saving me a slice. It totally makes up for the fact that you stole a card, I've been looking forward to giving to someone! ;p

  4. It makes me smile that you made him a cake. Thanks! I hope he told you I've made some hilarious cakes. Think Paul Simon and Slip Slidin Away (nevermind that is an oldie)...that is the title of my life and cakes. I'm sticking to pies!

  5. Oh happy birthday Gabe. You were so ambitious to make a 3(!)-layer-cake for your fella. I almost always stick to cupcakes:)

  6. I think Birthday cake in almost any form looks lovely, and this one is adorable! I do NOT understand how to make multi-layer cakes without causing a California landslide. This is beyond my ability to comprehend. So you're not alone. :)

  7. oh those are the best kinds of cake! It's adorable, you did good!

    oh and thanks for the cute dress heads up!

  8. I think it's very great looking! It's the thought and effort that counts and even if it's not THE creation you wanted, I bet it tasted good.


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