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I have been in such a funk for the past week...one of those funks that leaves you aching to drop everything and run to some obscure corner of the globe. Call it spring fever or call it wanderlust...when it strikes it is oh-so crippling.

When I have these days (weeks...or months), I tease myself with a little question:  If I could go anywhere in the world at this exact moment, where would I go? Then I spend an embarrassing amount of time finding the most beautifully undiscovered niche in the location I've chosen. If it were at all permissible to slip off into the night leaving only a note behind, today I would be running here.

Your turn: If tomorrow you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would you find yourself?


  1. That cottage in Ireland looks sweet. I highly recommend Ireland if you haven't been and Scotland moreso. I would have to say Italy! It's been on the top of my list for awhile. Not sure when we'll get there but it looks wonderful. xx

  2. So cute! I would so go with you! =)

    I would love to go to Greece too!

  3. Omg! Barcelona, spain! I went there last summer and had an amaaazing time... And I completely know what you mean... There are those crazy days when I wish I could just pack up and go!!! Well I hope this other bit of info cheers you up... Your cards are in the print process now and I'll be picking them up tomorrow so you should have them shortly! Hope you love 'em!

  4. Paris. I have never really gotten to travel anywhere. And lately I have found myself daydreaming of coffee and clothes and the streets of Paris.
    By the way, thanks for stopping by Joy Refurbished. I always appreciate comments (esp. since right now I have about 4 people who read my blog :D )

  5. I would go to Morocco. We were supposed to finish our Europe trip with a little jaunt down there, but never quite made it. It seems so exotic and cool with desert and mountains. I'm always dreaming up a fantasy trip!

  6. it sounds pedestrian after some of the other getaways but i long for rural pennsylvania in the spring. the colors are frantic in their efforts to outdo one another. you can practically hear buds popping. wild strawberries washed with the morning dew on the hillside. the afternoon sun vivid against the blue sky. cool enough in the evening to enjoy a fire with friends. peepers singing you to sleep each night....

  7. I love your find - and what a beautiful and "god, I wanna be there" photo layout. I was on Dingle Pennisula, for a couple of uncommonly sunny days, bike riding - your post brings such wonderful memories to mind

  8. I would love to be sitting in the sun on the coast of New Zeland...And at any given moment I could kayak, surf, scuba dive, hike...the possibilities are endless. I have a pilot friend at church who gets to fly standby for free where ever...so he and his wife just happen to be going to Hawaii this weekend, can you imagine????

  9. I TOTALLY hear you about getting into funks. One of my funks a few years ago led to me quitting my job and peacing out to GHANA of all places. My friends and family (especially my poor Mother) thought I was NUTS. Which I probably was, but it was an amazing experience. If I could disappear to anywhere right now, it would be New Zealand, hands down.

    Hope the cupcakes help you feel better! :)

  10. You always post such pretty pretty pictures. Anyway, now that we're on our 6th straight day of rain, I'd like to wake up anywhere with sunshine...but not too hot, b/c then I'd get cranky. Maybe somewhere with waves crashing in the background and a mojito in my hand. Yes, I'll take that please.

  11. Ladies...you are so marvelous. I'm glad I'm not the only little bird who feels the need to fly the coop some days!

    Cheryl, Italy would definitely be my second choice...and I'm glad Ireland and Scotland come so highly recommended!

    Eleise, fabulous choice! I cannot think of Greece without thinking of the beautiful landscapes featured in Mama Mia (my fav)!

    Umama, I'm so pumped about the cards! If I haven't busted my funk by the time they arrive, I'm sure they will do the trick! :)

    Joy Refurbished, Paris sounds so dreamy and classic...And you're welcome! I enjoyed my stop at your blog, and will be back for more :)

    Becca, I never would have thought of Morocco! Logging a few hours in the sun and sand does sound relaxing...

    Downthegardenpath, that is not at all pedestrian! I've always longed for a trip to the east coast, and am happy to hear it's beautiful! I love your use of the word "peepers"...it's so sweet!

    Lady P, you're the first I've heard that knew of the Dingle Peninsula! Sun and bike rides would be on my to-do list while visiting that tiny cottage :)

    Oh my gosh, Amy, I completely forgot about New Zealand (also on my list). I need a new job. Preferably one that allows me to fly standby to glamorous locations at the drop of a hat...

    Sara Christine, you are too funny!! I cannot believe it! I feel SO much more sane knowing that my "I should quit my job and move to fill-in-the-blank" whims are totally normal! Gosh, that story made my day :) And yes, the cupcakes brought me so much sanity and joy!!

    Lovely Little Things, I usually loathe cowboy boots, but worn the way these are I cannot resist them...

    Thanks, Shannon! Heat makes you cranky, too? Good...I thought I was alone. Anything about 75 degrees falls into "too hot" territory for me. And heck yes...mojitos. And perhaps a tastefully clad cabana boy...

    What an imaginative bunch! You're all just too fabulous :)

  12. I'm having heart palpitations over here with just a bit of drool...what a dreamy looking cottage! My boyfriend and I have been talking about a possible (just talk at the moment) trip to Scotland next year and I would LOVE to find a place like this over there! Ah, we'll see...

  13. Paris, Morocco, Malaysia and Rarotonga.......woops, that was four! Hope you've lifted out of your funk! xxx


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