all in a day.

Vacation day one is drawing to a close. It was beautiful...but busy. If I possessed serious magical powers, and could have created an accurate to do list last night for the things I'd do today, here's what it would have looked like:
  • Sleep until 8am. Note that I would be the friendliest person alive if every day started this way.
  • Actually run a curling iron through my mane.
  • Finish whipping up ten tablecloths for anniversary party.
  • Stop by the office to take care of a five minute task...end up socializing.
  • Go out with co-workers for an incredible pizza buffet.
  • Realize that I may be slightly pathetic for hanging out at work on my first day off. Decide not to care.
  • Mold sister's hair into some sort of updo for a rehearsal dinner. SHALACK with hairspray.
  • Run to the store to buy groceries for party...awkwardly dodge several people I don't have time/want to talk to. (Yes. I'm one of those people.)
  • Fill entire living room with Martha Stewart pom-poms. Swear off pom-pom-making for all eternity.
  • Watch Never Been Kissed for the second time this week.
  • Swoon over Michael Vartan and incredible kiss with Drew at the pitcher's mound. Wonder if any kiss in real life looks that good.
  • Give up on to-do list. Promise to recommit myself to checking off its remnants with an unstoppable zeal tomorrow AM.


  1. Oh my goodness Bethany,last week it was randomly brought to my attention that Michael Vartan was 40 YEARS OLD!!!! Do you remember when were freshmen in high school and we googled him back then and found out he was 31!!!!!! And we could not believe how OLD he was! Holy Crap! It's been 9 FREAKIN' YEARS!!!

    I feel so old.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation! =)

  2. Andrea...I was totally wondering how old he was while watching! Oh my goodness. Forty. I feel so old, too!

    He's probably still a total fox. I mean, come on. What a dreamboat :)

  3. "Run to the store to buy groceries for party...awkwardly dodge several people I don't have time/want to talk to. (Yes. I'm one of those people.)"

    Haha, I am totally one of these people too. I feel it's an important talent to possess, especially when one lives in Eau Claire and knows every third person on the street.

  4. Look at you go! I'm totally one of those people who runs and hides behind the Little Debbie display should I see someone I know. I'm horrrrrrible at small talk and try to avoid it at all costs!

    I wanna see Pom Pom room!

    Oh and thanks for being excited about future babies! Ya gotta check my blog a little later for something baby-related and quite funny, if i do say so myself :)

  5. I have a crush on your table cloths. Can't wait to see the party unroll!

  6. oh my - I love the photo and the pom pom cursing - those damn pom poms are addictive and they consume hours of your day, demand that you make the more mates and then spread wee bits of their hair - everywhere!
    hope you are enjoying yourself immensely!


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