back on the ground.

(At the top of Cana Island Lighthouse.)

What a perfect weekend. It was so entirely tough to come home. We spent a fair chunk of time strategizing ways we could get out of returning to work on Monday (we eloped!...no, too manipulative...we've both contracted food poisoning!...too obvious...), but in the end found ourselves on the way back to little Eau Claire by Sunday night. In between podcasts and playlists, we engaged in some very deep (note the hint of sarcasm) conversation:

Me: Isn't it weird that of all the places in the world, we live in Wisconsin?
Gabe: It's weird that I live in Wisconsin. I moved here. From CALI-FORN-IA.
Me: I know. Wisconsin is such a nerd state. Like...we live here.
Gabe: and....
Me: When we tell people where we're from, they probably think we're farmers.
Gabe: .....
Me: I just feel like we're so much cooler than that.
Gabe: You're a state snob.
Maybe I have tendencies to state snob, but I don't mean to indulge in them. It just strikes me every time I return home from traveling...my family and friends, my job, most of my memories...in short, nearly my entire life exists between exit 59 and exit 70 off a silly old Wisconsin Interstate. A place that 95% of the world couldn't find on a map. It always feels so small.

But truthfully. At the beginning of my twenty third year, I'm becoming comfortable with this. In time, I'll leave this place...so now I need to enjoy the uncomplicated time when practically everything and everyone I love is tucked away in a land of farms, fields and barns. Safe and sound...here in this beautiful bubble. :)


  1. i feel the exact same way about oklahoma city. i'm finally coming to terms with it, and one day (hopefully sooner rather than later), i'll leave. but until then, all i can do is enjoy it.

    on a funny wisconsin note, on conan tonight, he had this joke that i am going to retell horribly:

    barack obama was in green bay today. half the people there were astonished to see a black person. the other half were astonished to see a skinny person.

    hahaha, i thought it was so funny. i can laugh because i am from oklahoma.

  2. caroline, that is probably the funniest thing i've heard all week...i absolutely LOVE it!! it's so great. i'm bound to be repeating it to everyone i know for weeks to come!

    and, i'm so glad i'm not the only midwestern girl who (sometimes) feels small, but also is loving it for what it is.

    thanks for the laugh! :)

  3. Nerd state, you're funny.

    This year with living in the UAE, whenever people ask where we are from and I say Ohio they look confused and you can tell disappointed I haven't said like New York or California or something. I always say - it's somewhat in the middle. I make a flattening hand guesture and say "farm."

  4. Funny thing about moving away...when you come "home" you really appreciate the beauty of the place. I was home for ILC graduation and did some hiking in Baraboo, WI the whole drive out is rolling hills endless shades of green speckeled with red barns and grove of trees after grove of trees. I miss it...however the mountains out here are pretty sweet!

  5. hey, it's Gabe! I've been waiting to see him..in a non-creepy way, of course!

    I went to college in the middle of nowhere Illinois but grew up and live outside Philly now. When I went to school out there, I was under the impression that everyone knew how cool & different I was because I was from "the big city"...they drove combines & I drove a Mustang, I have a "weird" Philly accent and they say "warsh"...Looking back, somehow I don't think they cared that much! haha I certainly thought a lot of myself!

  6. lol...too funny! I miss Wisconsin & I'm only a state over!!

  7. Hey Bubble Girl--who says you have to ever leave? Don't burst "my" bubble--life would never be the same here!

  8. and then you see the big world (which you should!) and then come back years later and say " oh (sigh and a smile) I live in Wisconsin

  9. It's funny that you say that 95% of the world couldn't find Wisconsin on a map and I was thinking, ".... yep, that's me"... But I feel the same way about living in a nerdy place. I live in probably the nerdiest city in Australia. Boohoo. I love it - but I do hope to spend a couple of years living in another place before coming back and really appreciating this one.

  10. This is too cute! And yes... I always think of Wisconsin as very far out... but also quaint... Living in a big city, its nice to imagine those small quaint towns. And I can't believe your only 23! Lucky you!

  11. being from southern california, I think I am totally a state snob too.

    but your home sounds lovely, even if it is a small "bubble" of a town. a bit more farms, fields and barns in my life would probably do me some good and help me slow down.

  12. We had been lost in smal way as you saying .We can`t found it in the map that difficulty !! But I thought the stupid thinks. it we are continue the way :) still we fond a person .( we are in the mountain at night )

  13. If it is any consolation, I have been dreaming of going to see Wisconsin since I saw "The Last Kiss". It looks beautiful!


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