I was right...DOOR COUNTY! I've only been in Door County for a little over 12 hours, but I'm already gaga for it. Here are a few snaps I took last night:

This is the view from our hotel...white picket fence and all. I swear to you, I have never seen a more beautiful sky in all my life! Yesterday it was perfectly
cerulean blue with the softest cottonesque clouds you can imagine.

It was so tough to choose a restaurant for dinner; there are an abundance of options here, but we wound up at
Harbor Landing. It's actually an old house converted into a restaurant, and it was so, so charming. All of their ingredients are local and as organic as possible...our waiter knew where practically everything on our plates had originated. So fascinating! They serve fresh bread from Sister Bay, a few miles up the peninsula, baked the day before. (Delicious!) Get this: they served it with garlic and scallion butter and...beets. I probably haven't had beets since my mother force fed them to me at age 2. The combo was fabulous, and made me sorry I missed out on beets for the last 20 years....

Gabe ordered the Bacon Encrusted Catfish, and devoured it in no time. Typically, the smell of fish makes me yak, but this looked and smelled incredible. While we were dining, we discovered that our
waiter spoke fluent German, which we witnessed as he conversed with the sweetest elderly couple traveling abroad from Germany. I wanted to hug them all.

For dessert (which we never splurge for, but did here!), I picked out the Berry Tart, served with fresh homemade blueberry and ginger ice cream. These berries were, like, fresh off the plant. Isn't it funny how you can taste freshness? Overall dining experience: incredible, charming, delicious and filling. In short--flawless.

We ran down to the bay after paying our bill as quickly as possible to catch the little sliver of sunset that was left. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was gorgeous.

We're hoping the rain holds tonight, so we can watch the fiery pink sun slide behind the cool bay. Hope your weekend is tops. :)


  1. sounds amazing (and delicious, I want that tart!) and those photos are great. especially the last one! that one needs to be framed and hung! just stunning.

  2. Beautiful photographs. Happy you two are having fun! I thot all looked yummy too..except for the fishy ;o0!

  3. You were right! What a great trip and wonderful surprise. I like that idea of trips or days out over boxed gifts too. They say people often forget the gifts they receive but I bet you won't forget this. Yum!

  4. what fun! i have never been to Door County, but that was a perfect little promo.
    I just started liking beets last year and now I can't get enough!
    Are you wearing your new dress?

  5. Bacon encrusted catfish - yum! Looks like a beautiful escape, glad you had a nice time!

  6. Thanks! How was your weekend? It looked so fun & lovely! The food is making me super hungry!

  7. This looks amazing what a great place to be taken away to for the weekend. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  8. yay! Hope you had the best time, it looks beautiful and delicious at the same time.

  9. yum! That restaurant looks fabulous. Great pictures.

  10. This is beautiful! I'm glad you're having an amazing time (although I think you're already back at home). :o) I like to catch up on posts in time-frame order...not to spoil any surprises.


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