just a little monday dreaminess...

(photo via one love photo)

omeday, if and when I tie the knot...I would be ecstatic if my photos exhibited even the tiniest sliver of this caliber of dreaminess.

Goodness gracious, girls. Follow that link for a little Monday pick-me-up!

And, if you're in the mood for a little romantic "there's-still-hope-for-the-world" story, read this sweet tear-jerker about a 90 year old couple and their lost wedding ring...the last line just got me. So sweet.


  1. what a beautiful link - i love the little twinkly lights

  2. What a lovely story! I do have to say that I have that SAME picture stored up in my Google reader-funny how much we are alike:)

  3. The is a beautiful picture!!!
    Hubby and I are going to DW with my MIL,FIL, Brother in law, sister in law and my niece who will be 6 months old then!! We are so excited!!

  4. thanks for sharing the story with us.....

  5. Love that photo! (I was actually looking at the venue for my own wedding next year, date stil TBD!) too funny!

  6. Lovely! I am romantic disguised as a cynic, and my own wedding was very prosaic, magistrate's office, no wedding dress, etc. (Deep down I wanted the whole white dress thing, fairy lights and all, but anyway ...) But we are still together many, many years later, and more in love than ever, so that is okay! PS The bread - super easy, no skill or hard work, but you need the time - 18 hours to prove, so start making it the day before you need it. PPS I laughed and laughed about the pasta salad below ... I have stuff like that too - hiding away in the depths of my fridge, spawning life ...

  7. I think I could get addicted to that link.


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