peony love.


A trip to the market this morning made for a fabulous opportunity to snatch up a few summery blooms to spruce up my place. This perky pink peony smells incredible, and is therefore my favorite of the bunch!

My very, very best pal will be in town in a week, and it's been nearly two years since we've seen each other. I am SO JAZZED! But, I'm in overdrive to get my place spruced and sweet. I know she's required to love me whether I live in a box or a palace, but somehow I think that friendship agreement is null and void if she arrives and the dishes are overflowing, the laundry is waiting to be washed and there's a pasta salad from two weeks ago lurking in my fridge. (Um, I can't believe I just shared that with you.)

Happy weekending!


  1. it's always a good excuse to chase dust bunnies when a friend comes a calling

  2. I love peonies!!! When I actually own a lawn, I want huge peony plants!!!

  3. what a lovely photo! so beautiful! and I feel the same way when I have friends over. I feel the need to make everything perfect even though they know full well that I am a mess! haha

  4. Such a pretty coloured peony, definitely my favourites! I hope you had a great weekend with your friend.

  5. I love this! So refreshing :0)

  6. One of my favorites! Have fun with your dear friend.

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  8. oh so random that i too am drinking up some pretty peonies. you beat me to it...so funny!

    have a wonderful time w/ your girlfriend and for heaven's sake, clean out that fridge! :)


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