today: the checked off items.


  • Sleep until 9:30am. Become crabby and disgusted by my own slothfulness. Vow never to sleep this late again.

  • Review and reprioritize to-do list while watching Tyra Show episode about the perils of smoking while pregnant. (Embarrassing.)

  • Swing by the office to check work e-mail and make use of laminating machine.

  • Wind up giggling over co-worker's strange mail-order catalog full of bra extenders and hooting lawn owls. Decide I'm the least professional girl ever.

  • Head to The Livery (above) for hilarious lunch with co-worker--a former lifeguard. Learn all kinds of frightening stories about waterpark hygiene. Make the difficult decision to never swim in public water again. People are animals!

  • Visit Sam's Club for the fifth time this week. Chat with uber friendly check-out girl.

  • Target escapade numbero quatro for the week. Lemons, olive oil and picture frames.

  • Attempt to hang twinkly party lights in parent's backyard. Climb over "jungle gym" garage full of filth in attempt to plug light strand into an outlet...discover plan is flawed. Crawl back over filth...curse like a sailor.

  • Discover, over cutting boards full of tomatoes and mozzarella, that grandma and I share same disdain for double dippers and general lack of food etiquette at parties. Discuss acceptable alternative dipping options.

  • Indulge in a wine cooler. Freak a little about giant to-do list for tomorrow.

  • Indulge further in said wine cooler. Call it a night.
Hope your weekend is shaping up to be tops! :)


  1. this may, in fact, be one of my favorite posts by you ever
    with a wine cooler in hand you can take on any list

  2. Are you secretly Bridget Jones? - perhaps a more elegant slash inspiring slash creative version, I am now going to commence loving you.

  3. my favorite part...is when you cursed like a sailor...i bet it felt great ;)

  4. Was the party last night? Oh I hope the weather was lovely. Is Miss Becky there? We miss you guys!

  5. Hello dear,
    You have been tagged to join in on a Polyvore social experiment. Just visit my blog to find out all about it xxx

  6. love that picture and love this post. I have a bad habit of sleeping in lately and I really, truly need to break it! oh, but how? :)

    I have a giant to-do list too, I really need to get working on that but catching up on blogs is distracting me.... oops


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