turn out the light.


As I crawl into bed tonight, I can't help but feel thankful. When I awake in the morning, eleven glorious days of vacation lie ahead of me. A vast expanse of time that I'm sure will go all-too-quickly, but sitting here right now it feels like forever. Days that will be filled with (somehow) pulling off a 25th anniversary party for my parents, two years of best pal catch-up, and perhaps (finally) washing my car.

Ah. This is living.


  1. ohhh lucky girl! Isn't that the best feeling though, having all of those hours..full of possibility? Sounds like you've got lots of fun plans, you better report back! Have fun!

  2. Enjoy! There is no better feeling than knowing that a vacation is around the corner.

  3. ooo...11 days! Have fun! It will go by fast!! I really wish I could see Becky while she is here! Tell her I said hi!

  4. Sometimes the best vacations are taken right where you live. Granted, it sounds like you'll be plenty busy! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and with Becky!

  5. Thanks for the vacation wishes, ladies!

    So far, so fabulous! :)

  6. it sounds busy and fun - hope you enjoy every moment of your vacation. remember to "schedule in" some free time! there is nothing quite so decadent/self indulgent as simply sitting and doing nothing - absolute, guilt-free wasting of time!!


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