whisked away...

(door county harbor photo via here)

Gabe has a tradition of opting out of your typical boxed birthday gifts in favor of an experience or day trip of my choice...I love this tradition. But Gabe has taken the reigns this time, and the only clues I've been given are that I needed to take Friday off of work, prepare for a drive of between 3-10 hours (?) and plan to be gone until Sunday evening.

...I think it's going to be Door County, WI, the sweetest little peninsula on Lake Michigan. And if it is, I will be so jazzed. I've been wanting to go for ages, but have never made the trip. I've been not-so-secretly dropping hints about the following places:

This wacky Swedish restaurant...

(photo via here)

Yes, that is a goat on the roof. Goats. Eat. On. The. Roof. This blows my mind, and I might just be the happiest girl on the planet if I got to experience this.

The Cana Island Lighthouse...

(photo via here)

...and its fabulous old winding staircase. The website states that if climbing to the top of this bad boy, open toed shoes are 'strongly discouraged'. 

Every finger is crossed that we'll be heading east to Lake Michigan, but regardless of where we wind up, it's going to be a memorable time. Gabe is a romantic, silly and thoughtful fellow, and I'm excited to see what is in store!

Several of my friends and co-workers are convinced that Gabe is going to get down on one knee this weekend, which makes me laugh. I told them I'd pay them each fifty dollars if it happened...because I am 110% confident this will not happen. However, if it did happen, I'd be up you-know-what-creek without a paddle. I would probably have to pawn the ring to pay off my friendly gambling debts...


  1. A. You should stop trying to figure secrets out. Just because you always used to guess what I got you for presents, you haven't always been right lately. So you never know...

    B. It's not just your co-workers that I have posed the question about another question. Can I get in on that 50 bucks?

    C. I'll make sure nothing happens to Ned over the weekend. Just remind Gabe to leave a key tomorrow.

    D. I love you! Have fun on your trip!

  2. Whether fancy restaurant or McDon'll ald's drive-up, I'm sure you have a blast with your silly romantic thoughtful fella. Sounds like alot of pressure on him or your wallet, hope both survive! If you go to where you think you're going and hit that goat dive hit me up with some limpa bread that their website menu promotes. Love you lots and have a super de dooper time!

  3. Ooo how fun & exciting! I hope there is a question coming!!!! =)

  4. I have also never been to Door County and would be ecstatic to go. (Just not with you and Gabe-no offense, but I'd rather not spoil his birthday plans for you.:)
    Happy Early Birthday, Bethany!!

  5. Ladies, I am not just saying this...although I'm sure it will be an exciting weekend, an engagement is seriously not going to happen. :) I promise you! But I do think it's hilarious that so many of my friends and family think so. I promise you, nothing "nuptial" will be happening!

    I'm just excited to get out of town!!

    Hope you all have a fabulous, incredible weekend!

  6. I know, I know, but a sister can dream can't she? I live vicariously through you...

  7. Wow, these are fabulous. I'm getting the car keys and I'm on the way. (Oh yeah, I wish...)

  8. Adorable blog! I'm from Wisconsin but live in South Carolina - it was great to relive my summer trips to Door County through your pictures!


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