call me pathetic...

(photo from my parent's anniversary party...more to come!)

...because I've always wanted to get married on July 4th. For the last decade (yes, since 1999) I've been aware of the fact that in 2009, the fourth would land on a Saturday and I would be of "marrying age" (??).

So, so disgustingly pathetic. Did you just throw up a little? It's okay, I did, too.

Don't worry-I wouldn't have asked you to wear a stuffy silk taffeta gown or suit and tie. Nor would I have requested that guests wear red, white and blue...or $5 Old Navy t-shirts featuring the US Flag, an eagle and the phrase
"Freedom is Never Free". You could have worn jeans. And flip flops. Or whatever it is you like to wear on the fourth. I would have worn this.

No, my colors wouldn't have been red, white and blue. Truthfully, I just don't like the colors that much. But, maybe rose, white and aqua. (
The entire affair would probably look very similar to the photo above from the anniversary party thrown for my parents a few weeks ago. Or like this fab wedding, which I just spotted.) This would clearly have lead to a complete lack of Americana theme...I'm sorry. I love America, but not quite enough to infuse my entire wedding with it's color, music and history. I'm just in this for the enthusiasm, sparklers and free fireworks show.
But, yes. I would have avoided banquet halls like the plague, and we would have spent the day outside, by a lake, basking the luxurious Wisconsin humidity. You would have been fed BBQ. And we would have watched the fireworks.

Perhaps it's all a little tacky, but maybe I'll catch this train when it hits Saturday again in 2015.

Happy fourth :)


  1. dreams are the stuff the next reality is made of
    glad you shared them with us
    ps LUV the dress

  2. looks like your party was great -your post made me laugh. Girls, we just can't help ourselves sometimes!

  3. I can't wait to see more pictures of your party! It looked so cute!

  4. Well, you know a Friday would work as well...and that would be 1 year closer!

  5. That sounds like the best wedding dress code ever...and seriously, I adore the aqua and pink, I'm totally gonna steal that theme for my housewarming bbq next month, it's classy and summer-y and perfect. Need more pics!

    Hope you had a fun 4th!

  6. your parents party looks so pretty!

  7. that sounds like a fabulously lovely wedding, if I do say so my self! not pathetic at all! I have never felt the desire to get married on a holiday, but I might just convert for the free fireworks show! haha. and that rose, white and aqua color scheme-- gorgeous! how old will I be in 2015... (I did the math and it's scary- 30! I kinda hope I'll be married by then, but if not, I might just steal your idea, hehe)

  8. you know. some people get married on sunday... =)

  9. The gray ruffle tank is from the Gap, I think it's new because unfortunately I paid $29.50 for it! But it's adorable and I think it comes in white and purple too but don't quote me on that...

  10. Beautiful anniversary picture! Did you decorate yourself?

    Also, I'm not much for a "themed" wedding, but this wedding has inspired me to get married next July 3rd (wainting patiently the ring now).

    Hello to you too, btw ;)

  11. That setup looks soooo beautiful. I love its simplicity :o) Sounds like you've got some good plans/ideas there for your wedding! Hope you're having a good weekend.


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