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Happiest of Canada Days to my northern neighbors! When I was a little girl, my family spent several weeks in Canada, where I fell in love with the entire place and came to two conclusions:

1. Canadians are the sweetest people on the planet. Seriously. They all want ask you where you're from, let you know about their favorite places to eat and give you directions to the best camping grounds.

2. Jovial locals really DO say things like, "Nice night for a stroll,
eh?", and "Have yourself a great day, eh?". These "eh's" induced unstoppable giggles in my sis and me.

Today I had a meeting which happened to align with Canada Day, and my co-workers and I decided several weeks ago that it clearly needed to be a Canadian-themed meeting. Um...what does one bring to a Canadian-themed meeting?

No clue. So, I spent last night whipping up these cheery white cupcakes and a dozen red handstamped "eh?" picks; my little solute to the sweet and silly Canada I've experienced.
Super fun and simple. Definitely my new favorite "dress up a baked good" trick. But, as you can see, my frosting technique needs a little help...


  1. I am totally loving this!!! I have relatives in Canada and I always some home saying the little "ehs" here and there - it is like an eh-disease that I willingly catch. What an absolutely excellent photo as well
    you do the Canadians proud today, Ms Bethany!!

  2. Thanks from a patriotic Canadian who has just enjoyed a MOST festive Canada Day! I made homemade waffles with maple syrup (of course), but will make these next year if it's okay by you! They will add to the red & white festivities absolutely perfectly...

    Love your blog, eh?!

  3. I've never been to Canada, not even close actually and I use the "eh" quite often...it's a nice little addition to any phrase...so thanks Canada! But seriously, those cupcake signs are too cute, love em!

  4. These are adorable and look yummy too! I haven't spent alot of time in Canada save my parents taking us to Niagara Falls as a child. I'd really like spend some time there.

  5. sounds like you've returned from vacation refreshed and creative!! the picks are a cute idea.

  6. Those are way too cute!

  7. that is a great idea. i never know how to decorate a cake. i may have to copy your idea, except I am not so good with the papaer crafts.

  8. These are just too awesome. I love the colours, and the amazing way you've layered the paper.
    In New Zealand, "eh" is tacked onto every single little sentence. Nearly as frequently, it's "eh cuz"(cousin), or "eh bro" (can be used for friends, not necessarily brothers). It's very, very catchy and part of our national lingo. Our similarities w/ Canada are abound!
    PS This is how my icing looks as well. Makes it tastier when it's a little wobbly!

  9. Cute cup cakes and adorable cards...you take great pictures!

  10. Fab cupcakes! I love that you hand stamped the letters, the colors, the background, layering of papers, the story, the celebration for your northern nabes. Perfect! I want to go to Canada ;)!


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