the return of the prodigal blogger.

Oh my-very-merry-goodness...it's almost September.

I wish I had a humdinger (?) of an excuse for why I've been MIA in Blogland...like, I just inherited a multi-million dollar estate and have spent this time inventorying the property. Or I've recently married into royalty and have been positively overwhelmed assuming the new duties as Dutchess of Bedford.

Admittedly, the real reason is quite dull. Several weeks ago I had a panicked moment in which I realized how little time I had left before I officially began school, and was planning to spend most of the remaining weekends out of town. And since that day, I've been lost in wild attempts to check off all the big and little things I'd promised myself I'd complete before school began (like attempting to create a budget before my nosedive into poverty).

Today I checked off a big one: visit my new campus.

Nerding out with a teenage-like excitement about my return to college...

Until today, I had only been on campus once...and that visit was nearly three years ago to see a good friend. Should I have visited prior to planning to sink THOUSANDS of dollars into this school's educational system? Probably wouldn't have been a bad move. But seeing at it was the the only college offering an interior design major within a 90 mile radius...I didn't have many options. On top of it, my boss, a Stout grad, promised me that I would probably love it...which made me feel secure in my decision.

So, I convinced Gabe (who is a total trooper considering that our recent relationship change to 'just friends' allows him to wriggle out of these outings) to join me on a drive up to my new school today, so that I could time the drive and find my orientation building. My excitement multiplied tenfold, when I actually saw the campus: flowers and sculptures aplenty, several gorgeous grassy knolls, a handful of sweet brick-paved pathways, a clock tower that chimes on half the hour, as well as a few lovely late 1800's/early 1900's buildings. Unbelievably beautiful.

I realize that I'm beginning this journey a few years behind my peers. Sometimes I feel embarrassed, as if my current lack of degree makes me less intelligent...less valuable and very unaccomplished. My unbridled excitement about my return to college at times makes me feel so silly, since I'm wildly behind the curve. But, tonight my parents said again what they've reminded me so many times, "You do all things in your own time, and on your own timeline." And it's true. God bless my parents for their understanding, patience and encouragement. They really, truly are tops.

(And may I feebly offer a very belated, yet gracious thank you to all those who left comments on my last post? Thank you, thank you...a million times thank you. Revealing the truth about a rough life-patch was a little intimidating, and yet, once again, you were all so very lovely and thoughtful. You are also tops!)


  1. Oh Beth! I'm seriously smiling with excitiment for you right now!! What a great reminder of how the Lord's timing is never our own! All of the Lord's blessings as you begin this new journey! You will be an amazing interior designer! I can't watch til I can watch your show on HGTV!!!

  2. your excitement is contagious!!
    here's hoping the classes are both easy and challenging. we'll be looking froward to the next installments on this newest chapter.

  3. I have been MIA in blogland lately too. But am now catching up on reading. How exciting being on your new campus! Must feel like an exciting beginning for you no matter what age. So what are you going to major in?

  4. Bethany, I'm so excited for you. Seeing that picture of you on campus totally takes me back. And part of me wishes I was there with you, but I definitely wouldn't be going for Dietetics! =)

    I hope your first semester goes by smoothly and you love every minute of it!

    And... don't party too hard! ;)

  5. at any time, in anyway we can all decide to change our lives or reclaim a dream and follow it through
    your return to school now means so much more to you than the education some of your classmates are attempting, which means nothing more than going through the motions to them
    i think it is just wonderful! you go gril!

  6. How exciting! Can't wait to hear more about it! In your piture you look like the girl who has just won the lottery!

  7. i am so happy for you. what great parents you have. It takes great courage to go into something new. don't feel like you don't belong cause you do. the Lord has a plan for you and your doing a good job following. i love the pic of you. you look so happy :)

  8. Congrats girl! And shhhh you dont look your age so know one will know!!!
    And seriously you look so cute in this photo and so happy!! Yipeee

  9. Lovely to have you back, that is such a cute picture! It sounds like it will be a wonderful new adventure for you, it's nice to visit where you will be spending a lot more time. I think it's nice to take the time and work out what you really want to do and then go for it. I spent five years studying law at university and it really doesn't feel like it was right but I know I can always go back when I've worked it out!

  10. Yay! So much fun going back to school. You'll do marvellously. Can't wait to hear all about it, and live vicariously through you... it's been years since I was a freshman at university. Loved every minute of it!

  11. Good luck! I'm so excited and again, another very inspiring post. Have a wonderful time.

  12. yay, you're back! and seriously omg, you're so cute! Love the pic. I just got all excited for you when I read this. There is *nothing* like the newness and excitement of going back to school, I'm a little jealous!

    I'm kind of glad I graduated college a few years behind everyone else my age. I had a lot more to lose than the tots in my classes so I concentrated more, actually paid attention & got better grades than them. It's a good feeling knowing my money wasn't wasted too!

    And back-to-school clothes! What are you wearing???

  13. Hello...new to your blog! Good luck with college - it's all very exciting for you!

  14. Girl- look at you, all college like! Being older does NOT make you less intelligent- it totally makes you smarter! You took some time to step back an figure out what you REALLY wanted to do. Trust me, when I was 18, I didn't know what I wanted to be. Four major changes later, I found my fit.

    And hey... sometimes you just don't feel like blogging. It's ok, you can admitt it.

    Best of luck this school year!


  15. sounds like a gorgeous campus! I would geek out too... I often wish I could do college all over again, I miss it that much! anyhoo, I hope you love your classes and teachers and everything goes well and that you realize sinking thousands in this school was worth it! haha. (and trust me, I know the feeling of sinking thousands! eek!)


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