back to college: week 1

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Confession: I was so, so very nervous for my first class (Drawing 1-the bridge that any art major must cross before beginning more major-specific courses) that I tossed and turned the entire night before...and wound up only snagging about two hours of sleep in between reading, endless rounds of solitaire and a few cups of tea. Upon waking, I had the second-most-ferocious case of butterflies I've ever experienced, and started to wonder if this was all a terrible, terrible idea. But, to the studio I went.

Can I just remark at how very beautiful the studio is? It's nothing special, but it's so very tall, white, chilled, clean and beautifully lit. A perfect circle of drawing benches hug the walls of the room. It is almost as if it were designed specifically to be a blank canvas for the imagination. (Alright, that's exactly what it was designed to do. I know.)

In trots our professor...British, rather handsome. We proceed to share the information our instructor finds most important: name, handedness, astrological sign and favorite cultural experience. I glance around, and am suddenly aware that I'm the oldest in the class. The handsome Brit proceeds to fill two hours just talking about the creative process...and I remain surprisingly riveted (and not only due to the accent).

I'm excited. I'm intimidated. Insecure. Terrified that I might just be the absolute worst in the class. Beginning to clip coupons since my beginning art supply pick-up trip nearly cleared out my grocery budget for the month. (No one tells you in advance how many different types of pencils you must buy...) But still--beyond my anxieties and insecurities, I'm jazzed beyond belief to have the opportunity to learn, experience and create. Even if my creations are sub-par and uninteresting...they are still, at the end of the day, mine and an oh-so-important stepping stone in my little artistic journey.

Thank you for all of your back-to-school well wishes...very much appreciated! Also, thank you to the wonderful Carissa of The Lovely Dove for a sweet and thoughtful blog award. (I promise to play along once I get caught up, here in Blogland!)

And by the way, George is still blushing over all your hellos. :)


  1. What fun. I can't wait to read all about what you are learning. I have always wanted to take a leap like that - but never had the guts. good job!

  2. This is such a fantastic experience and you've inspired so many by taking this leap of faith. I just know you're going to do amazingly well! Good luck!!

  3. loved reading this post. excited for you. you'll be great. it's the process they say right?

  4. oh, i think this sounds all so very very good
    very good

  5. I was nervous for you reding this! I have thought about going back to school and get really nervous/excited at the thought of it. I am looking forward to more of your updates!

  6. I can remember my first day in my Intro to Journalism class and I felt just like you! intimidated, insecure, worried about being the absolute worst in the class... yep, check check and check. but in fact, it ended up being the best experience and one that has ultimately led me to where I am now! I loved my teacher, someone who I grew to consider a mentor, a coach, and an inspiration as I continued on my journalism journey... there is so much ahead of you and so much that is unknown and while that is definitely and understandably scary, it could also be completely wonderful!

    oh, and no problem about doing the meme... whenever you have time I'd love to read the answers! I am seriously catching up on my blog reading right now at almost 3 in the morning. geez. what's wrong with me? haha

  7. I'm so excited for you and I'm so excited to go back to school with you! You'll do just fine and in a few weeks you'll wonder what it was you were worrying about in the first place.

    British accent hmmm? Is it too late to sign up for this class? Philly to Wisconsin isn't toooo bad of a commute :)

  8. how exciting!! i'm so glad you've chased this particular dream. do you have the ramen noodle cookbook??

  9. Listen, age has nothing to do with artistic ability and you'll be surprised that lots of people take Intro To Drawing even though they have no real talent for it - because it's fun no matter what! So even if you are the worst (which I'm sure you won't be), just enjoy it! :)

  10. My husband has a British accent. Luuuurve it!

    Your description of the classroom is so vivid, I can imagine myself there so clearly. I loved my days at university, especially once things had settled down and I knew just how long it took to get from one class to another, and if there was enough time to stop for a tea on the way.

    Before you know it, you'll be in the groove of things, and not worrying at all. Just loving it, and getting better and better at what you're learning.

    Oh, and by the way, I just bet your creations will be anything but sub-par and uninteresting! I hope you'll share some with us as your confidence grows!

    Enjoy the rest of week 1. Looking forward to week 2!

    PS: Thanks for the lovely things you said on my blog. I know you meant them, and that means a lot.

  11. How exciting -- I've been thinking of going back to school but I'm a little nervous.

  12. i meant to include that i love the pencils on the mirror!!

  13. I think you have described very well what I imagine everybody feels..no matter how young or old..it is all very exciting and I am sure you will do great! Enjoy your first week! Oh..I am very nosy and so am interested to know how you responded to "your favourite cultural experience"!

  14. Oh Beth, you will be great! Keep us posted on that handsome Brit. ;)

    Just got my apron yesterday and I am oh-so-super in LOVE! It's the cutest thing that ever happened to my kitchen. Now if only my baking could taste as good as it looks...

  15. I always got nervous the first day of school, too! But it's so exciting at the same time. Your drawing class sounds like it's going to be a very memorable & cherished experience. Good luck :)

  16. Ack, I don't know how i missed this post, but I am sooooo super excited for you!

    Dude. Ramen noodle is your bff. A little soy sauce can go along way.

    Best of luck girl! I can't wait to see you on Design Star!!


    PS... Shannanagins and I are going to carpool to class with the Brit!

  17. College is so great. Take chances and have fun with your classes.

  18. I think we need a sneak pic of the British prof. :)


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