(closer to) conquering the art of domesticity.

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I was not blessed with patience. This can be seen in my multitude of craft failures and minor emotional breakdowns that follow crafting attempts. Once, after my fifth failed attempt to purl, I threw a knitting needle across the room in a fit of rage. (Not my proudest moment…but since when do I only share my proud moments here?)

But, I may have found a foolproof craft. Embroidery.

Yesterday, feeling a smidge bored and lonely, I picked up the Stitch-It-Kit, compiled by the lovely Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. It was a jackpot: inside I found an unbelievably down-to-earth instruction booklet, two tea towels, seven basic colors of embroidery thread, a needle and 35 vintage and retro-inspired embroidery patterns. Pluckily, I jumped right in…ironing on patterns, quickly picking up the split and stem stitches and even giggling at Jenny’s humorous comments in the instruction booklet.

And I did it. I embroidered. No breakdowns, no flying needles. And all within an hour or two! Now, I know it’s not perfect…that ‘l’ is a little wobbly, and my French Knot still needs some work. But to me…it’s proof that I’m not a complete craft-school dropout!

As a last minute bonus...leave a second comment on my
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  1. the embroidery looks great!! a good size project to secure that satisfying feeling of 'i did this!!'

  2. Well done, Bethany! I am hopeless at the domestic sciences... but have learned how to do a decent cross-stitch. Have now made several new baby cross-stitches for my nephews overseas. Not sure I'll ever have time again, but I know I am capable of completing a simple little pattern.

    I like the vintage look of the pattern you did. Very sweet! It will look great in your kitchen.

  3. pretty! I plan on learning embroidery this fall. I think embroidered towels are the sweetest!

  4. I love embroidey too. One year I gave every person I know a set for Christmas. A little overboard I know- but it is nice b/c you can quickly stop and start your projects.

  5. I have no idea if it's after midnight there, but it's 6.30 Monday morning here... So if it's after midnight: happy sleeping!

  6. oh, it's so cute! I love it! kind of reminds me of my tattoo (haha, I have a swallow on my foot...) very good job! maybe I should try embroidery... I'm not very crafty usually but if you can do it, maybe I can too! :)

  7. love it! i got bitten by the embroidery bug some time back and loved it because i didn't get frustrated and cry. i need to get back on that.

  8. YES...in with only 45 mins to spare! :-) My sister Jess was embroidering yesterday! If she can do it...anyone can!

  9. I love embroidery! It really is foolproof and it's so relaxing, too.

  10. aww! I think it is super sweet! I used to embroider with my grandmother when I was younger. I think the last thing I did was a picture for my mom of two birds and under it said "My mother, my friend".

    Also, thank you so much for the condolences on my blog. I greatly appriciate it.


  11. so glad you tried something else. looks great :)

  12. What an adorable project! Kudos on your crafty endeavor.


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