float away.

(Two of my favorites: leaves and puddles.)

I absolutely cannot believe that the weekend has come and gone. And at midnight on Sunday night, it isn't looking like my real "To-Do's" got completed...

The Completed Items:
  • Open all the windows and snuggle up in the crisp chill. Sleep in--twice.
  • Flip through September's issue of Lucky. Curse body type for looking like a lumberjack in oh-so-fashion forward plaid.
  • Catch a baseball game on TV, make concerted effort to watch and follow along. Wind up falling asleep. Pride self on effort, regardless.
  • Cuddle brand new little kitten at the humane society...fall in love, dream of adopting him and naming him Xander. Recall crushing reality that I live in a "no pets" apartment. Return little kitten to lonely wire cage.
  • Sneak in a little birthday shopping for my mom. End up shopping for self...decide this probably makes me a terrible, ego-centric person. Blame it all on the fabulous sales.
  • Share a glass of Honeycrisp wine with my sis, laugh uproariously at old episodes of The Office.
  • Spend the afternoon with fam + Gabe + cousin Chad for annual fall jaunt to a gorgeous local state park. Catch these three perfect leaves bathing in a parking lot puddle.

Items Not Completed (or, truthfully, attempted in the least...):
  • Wash and dry frighteningly massive pile of dirty dishes. Ew.
  • Put pencil to paper--finish two drawings for class. (Do not leave this until the night before...)
  • Clean out scary, scary fridge.
  • Catch up on 3+ hours of reading for class-take online quizzes and participate in discussion forum.
  • Wade through ginormous laundry pile, wash the filth...rid drawers and closet of the unwanted.
  • Visit the gym. At least once. (Wince. Epic fail.)

I will surely pay for all this "undone" later...but, oh, what a lovely weekend of procrastination. :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, sometimes you just need to forget the chores and enjoy things!

  2. Haha a lumberjack! I cannot get into this plaid craze AT ALL. Mostly because I can't believe that I'm already re-living a fashion trend from my tween years. Plaid & flannels + bodysuits + baggy jeans = hideous grunge years of my youth. Uggghhh.

    Oh well, the Completed list sounds a lot better than the Not list so who cares...it sounds like an awesome weekend. Hope your week's just as nice.

  3. Everyone needs a weekend like the one you had now and again and everyone needs a lot less of the weekends you 'should have had'. Fond memories are made in the former - lucky you.

  4. you list sounds alot like mine, wash dishes, laundry, and scary fridge!! Their all laughing at me right now as I sit and type this! Glad Im not the only one:)
    You could always get that adorable kitten and just not tell!!Love the picture:):):)

  5. Saw this and couldn't help but think of your fridge


  6. My thoughts exactly! Sounds like your weekend was just what you needed, lots of fun and relaxation.

    You'll get to the other stuff eventually. I always find that the things I fret over do get done in the end, so am learning not to get too anxious about them. Life's too short, right?

    Another magnificent photo, Bethany. Thanks for sharing it with us. Autumn leaves and puddles really are delightful!

  7. Your blog is fun, glad I stumbled across it!!
    Ahh, sleeping in...what would that be like! I can't remember....kids will take that luxury away for sure!

  8. i totally fell asleep watching the twins game too...and don't even waste my time feeling guilty about the gyms i never even join. :) love me a lazy weekend!

  9. I am the worst procrastinator ever! actually, I am the best procrastinator, which makes me the worst! ugh. I am good at it, let's put it that way :) but yeah, I totally didn't get done the things I needed to do this weekend. some clothes are still in my suitcase from my trip to canada! ack! and tons more are needing to go in the laundry too. but sleeping in, drinking wine and watching The Office all sound like wonderful ways of procrastinating.

  10. love a lazy weekend.

    don't love cleaning out a fridge.

  11. love your undone list - the other accomplishments rocked

  12. i'm so glad i'm not the only who isn't jumping on the plaid bandwagon! :D

  13. Thanks Bethany!! I took the plunge with my own blog and am really enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by it! I am loving the picture that you took here. Amazing!


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