it's the little things.

(I snapped this photo several weeks ago at Vino, an incredible local venue. It is an absolute must if you're in the area!)

Today was such a lovely mosaic of moments that left me feeling so warm and fuzzy...and on this frigid and drizzly 40 degree day, a little warmth went a long way! I'm still feeling sunshiney and thankful for...

...a blessed fire alarm that saved me from the last frustratingly uninspired 30 minutes of art class.

...sneaking in a snuggly afternoon nap in my favorite sweatshirt.

...an impromptu pasta dinner with two good friends and a co-worker resulting in near tears-down-face laughter. So heart healthy. (The laughs, not necessarily the pasta...)

...good news about what could have been a scary situation involving a family member's health.

...flirtation. (Or maybe it isn't? Ack. I don't know. What am I, a mind reader?)

...a fabulous stack of second-hand magazines from my boss, which I plan to devour tonight.

...the sweet woman at Old Navy who never fails to remember my name. (I picked up this sweater in aqua, which seemed like a great idea at time...but now I'm unsure. Too grandma-ish? Grandma-chic? Just plain chic? Help!)

...getting to look forward to a little Friday night date with an old friend.

Hope your Thursday was just as toasty and wonderful. :)


  1. Hi, Bethany.
    Just read your comment on my blog about "the Hoff"... it's a mystery to me, too!
    As for your (far more meaningful) post, can I just say:
    - That's a beautiful photo.
    - I used to loooove when the fire drill would get me out of class, especially close enough to the end of class that there was no point going back after...
    - Near-tears-down-face laughter is the greatest! (had some of that myself the other night during the unveiling of the horrible Hoff birthday card)
    - Good news about a family member is just so great. I'm worrying about a friend of mine (not the one I'm usually worrying about, but another one- sigh) and am hoping for the same result you've just had
    - Second hand magazines are way better than bought-it-yourself ones- all the fun with none of the I-really-can't-afford-this guilt!
    - that sweater is great, not old-ladyish at all (I am ALL about the cardigan this autumn)

    I hope your Friday is every bit as wonderful.

  2. I am jealous of your favortie sweatshirt, so cute and comfy. Also I like the sweater, I'm loving cardigans lately so I would say good pick. I love the photo, lovely work!

  3. oops I meant favorite, not favortie.

  4. the cardigan is great - with blue jeans, boots, a snazzy hat - tres chic!!

  5. Great photo!

    I'd say the sweater is granny chic. I'd totally wear it!!

  6. ahhh, simple pleasures. They warm my heart :)

    Love your photos- you are a great photographer Beth!

    I.love.that.sweater. I totally see it with jeans and some cute flats. I kinda want it.

    Have a great weekend girl!


  7. keep the sweater! I love it. enjoy your weekend and all your magazines.


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