the {not so} near and {oh so} dear.

(My friend Andrea on the right, and me on the left. Totally jacked this photo from A's Facebook this AM. Hope she doesn't mind...I also whitened my teeth, because I'm vain like that.)

Last night was incredible, and exactly what I needed. My Washingtonian friend since Kindergarten, Andrea, popped home to visit a sick family member, and I was lucky enough to snag her Friday night. We caught up, chatting at breakneck speeds over dinner at Shanghai Bistro, where moody live jazz was playing. The place is so contemporary, which is fun for us...because, let's face it: Eau Claire, Wisconsin isn't exactly burgeoning with cosmopolitan-esque eateries. Then, after a conversation about exactly how YOUNG college students look, we decided to scope out a local band--the Laarks at the University. (The Laarks are quite good. Think Death Cab.) We felt so very old--but totally dug watching the awkward teens get their dance on.

It's remarkable what an evening with a soul sister can do to your heart. We've got a very solid 18 years of close friendship behind our belts, and I always feel like she's a person who can read my heart and mind. Andrea has an amazingly beautiful soul. A girl who is so real, so thoughtful and so compassionate. She's the girl who never forgets a birthday, an inside joke or that one time geeky Kevin Rezarch microwaved a twisty tie in 1st grade and nearly smoked us all out of the lunchroom. (Confession: I. Loved. Kevin Rezarch.) Someone who constantly seeks meaning, love and connections in everything around her. Not to mention she's quite hilarious... :)

Somehow--blessedly--I struck the friend jackpot when I was young. Although those dearest to me are not geographically the nearest to me, they are the ones who bring so much fulfillment and joy in ways that I feel no one else will ever hold a candle to. (Ooo. I know it's bad to leave "to" at the end of a sentence, but not quite sure how to restructure this one. So sorry grammar nerds.)

Very happy weekending to you! :)


  1. Wait...I thought I was the cheese to your macaroni.

    Kidding, kidding. I'm your sister...I know I don't count. I know how you feel, I was supposed to see the cheese to my macaroni today, but her flight was cancelled. Boo! Glad you had fun last night. Adorable picture!

  2. aww, such a sweet post. so glad you 2 had a fabulous date night of catching up and cracking up!!

    i think we need to devise some sort of teleportation device that can take us from the midwest to spokane in 2 seconds. why do all the cool folks move to spokane!?:)

  3. YOU LOVED KEVIN REZARCH???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... okay... I guess I did too.

    Last night was really a gift. And thank you for your friendship and love and kind words. It really meant a lot to me today - which in itself was a very difficult day for me. I love you and I thank God always for you.

  4. I know...so gross, right? K.REZ? FOR REAL?

    I really wasn't sure if I should write that, but then found comfort in knowing that the only people who read my blog who would know K.REZ would be you and Megan. Both of you pretty much HAVE to love me anyway, so I felt comfortable sharing that disgusting nugget of my past. :) Hopefully Kevin doesn't Google himself and find this confession of love. YIKES.

    Love you too...hope you make it home safely. Enjoy your very special 2nd anniversary with your wonderful husband! :)

  5. sounds like a great night. it is sooo good to have friends like that. many of my good friends from college are no longer near to me, but I am lucky to have my best friend (since third grade, that's 16 years!) close by. unfortunately, we are often busy and don't get together as much as we'd like, but we had a serious shop-till-we-dropped adventure yesterday and we're able to catch up and it was so wonderful.

    oh, and I won't get you for the 'to" at the end of your sentence. Being a journalist, I know the rules but sometimes I really hate them! haha.

  6. Oh, I love Andrea too- she's awesome. I'm glad you guys got to spend time together.

  7. Aw...that's so sweet...my best friends are in far flung places too..it's always special when we get to hook up - glad you had such a great time together :)

  8. Oh...meant to say...gorgeous photo of you :)

  9. You're so cute!!! And aren't those nights the best? I've got all my mac and cheese right in the same area so I know how lucky I am to get these kind of nights on a regular basis. But there is something to be said for catching up on a whole lot of life in a short period of time, ya know?

  10. Beth, this was both touching and beautifully written. I envy your connection to such a great friend.

    Happy weekending to you too.


  11. what a cute pic of you and your soul sister. nothing like a girls night! your sister sister is funny. love her comment.


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