why i will miss him.

cornell014edited-1.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat
(It has snowed twice this week...and so this photo may be my very last of fall folliage 2009. Consider me heartbroken!)

Late yesterday evening, Gabe and I made a trip to the grocery store so he could pick up something to make for dinner. After staring blankly into the frosty doors of frozen goods, checking cook times and peeking at his watch, Gabe finally speaks:

Gabe: "I really want to make a lasagna. But it has to be baked."

Me: "You should totally just microwave it. It's late."

Gabe: "No. It has to be baked."

Me (witchily snatching icy lasagna block from his hands): "Gaberdoodle. This one takes an hour and forty five minutes to bake. That means you won't be putting noodles in your mouth until 10pm."

Gabe: "Fine. You don't get to play 'Lasagna' with me."

Me: "Um...did you just say "play 'Lasagna'"?"

Gabe: (defensively) "Yes. Playing lasagna is when we buy frozen lasagna, bake it in an oven and then eat it with Ned (our kitten) like a happy family."
Just one of the millions of reasons why, in a few weeks, I will miss him terribly. My funny bone will probably dust up and crumble into a thousand little pieces.


  1. Oh Bethany! So sad. You will miss him terribly. But this is the era of internet and email and skype and all the rest, and he'll never be gone from your life completely. You will be okay. I don't actually know you but I feel like I do and I believe that you are strong and resilient and that you make the most of things. Does any of that make you feel better at all? Probably not. Sorry!

    And now, on a totally different topic... snow? In October? Are you serious?!

  2. PS: That photo is simply gorgeous!

    PPS: I hope I didn't sound all callous in my message above (below?) I was trying to be reassuring/encouraging. It's a fine line when it's in writing, I think...

  3. Great picture. I hope you played Lasagna!

  4. awww, you poor duck...be strong, but remember - it's okay to miss someone.

  5. aw bethany,
    you find yourself in the middle of an art lesson.
    these are the episodes that add contour/shading which when viewed in the big picture add up to depth and fullness for the subject.
    miss him - he was a big part of your life. but keep your eye open for new humour from unexpected sources.

  6. I don't think I can say anything to make you feel better about gabe leaving, but you will still be able to talk even if you don't get to see each other, yes? and I'm sure he is just as funny over the phone/internet, right? though, I understand, you probably can't "play lasagna" with just anyone :)

    beautiful photo btw. I am heartbroken that it is most likely your last fall foliage shot too, just because it is so pretty!

  7. oh - he sounds well
    i miss him for you

  8. i love that you're so honest! hang in there.


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