(the ultimate) thankful thursday

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(Adorable Sex and the City-inspired keychain available at Old Navy for $3.50. Spotted it this weekend and couldn't say no!)

Maybe this is a simple, cliche sentiment, but this year I am entirely thankful for everything that surrounds me. I feel as though my life has gone through a little "flip" from last year to now...and although I find myself single, less financially secure (thank you, surmounting college debt), and pounding out homework hours like a crazed woman, I am so much more aware of everything I can count as a blessing.

Here are the largest of blessings I've found this year:

...my family, who when I am at my busiest knows not to call, but rather shows up at my office with a snack and a hug, or secretly drops by my apartment while I'm gone to wash my dishes.

...my friends, who are aware that I love them endlessly, despite my terrible ability to stay in contact beyond birthdays, anniversaries and a few calls in between.

...my co-workers, who feel like a mix between family and the closest of friends.

...a small disposable income, which allows me to meet friends for dinner or movies and buy new, fancy things which I truly don't need, but which bring me more happiness and cheer than I care to admit. :)

...the teachers who have, in their classes, taught me more about myself, the way I view the world and the creative process than I ever thought possible.

...my old car, and it's sticktoitiveness in the face of all the extra miles spent commuting to school this semester.

...my little one bedroom, upper apartment. A place that I have slowly found becoming home...walls and floors and doors that someday, when I move, I will miss so thoroughly, but will remember as a little space in which I defined my hopes and dreams.

...studio 301. A classroom in which I arrived most timidly, just a few months ago, nervously clutching my backpack and so wildly unsure of me. Now it is a room which I feel I've learned, thanks to several late nights and weekends, a room that has been a blank space for me to write, draw and create...to push away my timidity and cluttered thoughts and find myself.

Hoping, hoping, hoping that you have just as many, if not more, things for which to be thankful...and that today you are surrounded by those you love. This is truly the season for love, and I'm praying that each of you finds yourself positively drowning in it :)



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(Me, rocking out to music from Glee. And, yes. My legs are actually that white.
Feel free to tease...I'm a practically an albino.)

Whew. I've been completely swallowed up by work projects and nearly living at the office (including one 17 hour day...and one all nighter) and, yet since the peanut-butter sandwich episode of a few days ago I have been so very surprisingly happy. This, I suppose, is a little signal from above that the right decision was made, and that I will be completely and wonderfully okay just being Bethany. Yet, in my spare moments, I have again allowed shopping to occupy my time. Not buying so much...just trying on and oogling. Well, with a few responsible purchases.

My sis and I indulged in a little shopping last night, and this black and purple combo caught my eye. Infinite thanks to my sister who pushed me to buy this lovely number...and who also stomached my excited bra and panty dance in the changing room (only the truly resilient recover from that frightening sight). When something as silly as an inexpensive ruffled cami or a brand spanking new dress can make me feel as though I'm entirely and fully a new woman...I cannot control myself! The item must be purchased!

Hmm...that sounds like something only a shopaholic would say. I mean, I needed this dress. Um, I have a thing. You know, a swanky event...new dress required. (That is a lie.) :)


goodbye peanut butter. love, jelly.


Gabe moved today. So I don't have a lot of words, which is quite strange for me. (You are all breathing sighs of relief, I'm sure...for once, something has hushed me up!) But, I did take time to harvest my emotion by molding jelly into the shape of a heart, and indulging in a silly photoshoot with my peanut butter sandwich.

What can I say? I'm such an emotionally healthy individual. :)


falling away.

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Dear Fall,
You're slipping away so quickly, and all too soon I've found myself in a world of leaf-barren trees and frosty windshields! Please don't go away just yet...I feel I've barely had time to carve pumpkins, crunch through fallen leaves and indulge in your crisp temps. You are so very lovable, and all I'm asking is to love you a little while longer before wintry chills and swirly, whirly, twirly white flakes whisk you away for good. :)

All my love,

P.S. How are you all? I've been terribly absent from blogland, knee-deep in homework and housekeeping...but can't wait to make my reading rounds and catch up on each and every one of your beautiful worlds. :)

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