falling away.

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Dear Fall,
You're slipping away so quickly, and all too soon I've found myself in a world of leaf-barren trees and frosty windshields! Please don't go away just yet...I feel I've barely had time to carve pumpkins, crunch through fallen leaves and indulge in your crisp temps. You are so very lovable, and all I'm asking is to love you a little while longer before wintry chills and swirly, whirly, twirly white flakes whisk you away for good. :)

All my love,

P.S. How are you all? I've been terribly absent from blogland, knee-deep in homework and housekeeping...but can't wait to make my reading rounds and catch up on each and every one of your beautiful worlds. :)

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  1. i love your photos. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Bethany! Glad to see you are back! I've missed you.

    I know how you feel about fall. I want to soak it up a little while longer before I have to start scraping my windshield each morning, and wearing a toque when I go outside (I do not look good in a toque! And my straightened hair likes to get all frizzed up while I have one on, for some reason... sigh)

  3. Great photos! You're wanting Fall to stay a little longer and I am wanting Summer to leave... so I promise your Fall is going to a good place :)

  4. Hi Bethers!
    We miss you back!


  5. Lovely pictures! Your part of the world looks very pretty!

  6. lovely photos as always. though, I wish fall would come already, not leave! haha. here in southern california it still feels like summer many days. I'd love a cool breeze to blow through eventually... it happened for a day or two last week but today was back to high temps. a high of 90 today and it is 80 right now at 6 p.m.!

    anyway, good luck with homework and housekeeping! I don't have homework, unless you count my writing since I do it at home :) and I really need to get on the housekeeping!

  7. good to hear from you again - you've been missed. as always your photos are wonderful.


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