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(Me, rocking out to music from Glee. And, yes. My legs are actually that white.
Feel free to tease...I'm a practically an albino.)

Whew. I've been completely swallowed up by work projects and nearly living at the office (including one 17 hour day...and one all nighter) and, yet since the peanut-butter sandwich episode of a few days ago I have been so very surprisingly happy. This, I suppose, is a little signal from above that the right decision was made, and that I will be completely and wonderfully okay just being Bethany. Yet, in my spare moments, I have again allowed shopping to occupy my time. Not buying so much...just trying on and oogling. Well, with a few responsible purchases.

My sis and I indulged in a little shopping last night, and this black and purple combo caught my eye. Infinite thanks to my sister who pushed me to buy this lovely number...and who also stomached my excited bra and panty dance in the changing room (only the truly resilient recover from that frightening sight). When something as silly as an inexpensive ruffled cami or a brand spanking new dress can make me feel as though I'm entirely and fully a new woman...I cannot control myself! The item must be purchased!

Hmm...that sounds like something only a shopaholic would say. I mean, I needed this dress. Um, I have a thing. You know, a swanky event...new dress required. (That is a lie.) :)


  1. Christmas is a swanky occasion. And it's coming up soon. You definitely needed that dress! Love it. Very festive, and you look fab.

    PS: Bet my legs are whiter than yours...

  2. you are adorable. and white legs are the only way to go. haha!

    i could sit on the equator for weeks and never get a tan on my legs. anywhere else. but not there.

  3. i love your shoes! where did you get them from?

  4. Cute dress. Nothing like retail therapy. I saw this billboard the other day for the Mall of America that said it all, "Sure you could live without it but why risk it" a perfect philosophy to take with you when you're shopping ;)

  5. Aww...thanks ladies! I'm so very glad I'm not the only one who cannot snag a tan on my legs! :)

    Thanks, Marisa! I wish with all my heart I could say that they were from some place fabulous...but they are, admittedly from Payless and were $7! My friend told me not to buy them because I "would never wear them"...but here I am, proving her wrong! :)

  6. it's a happy picture and you'll look great at any swanky occaision!!
    there should be a secret handshake for white leggers so we c - oh wait - we can already recognize each other.....

  7. I agree with all of the above comments - that fantastic outfit was 100% jusified - you look stunningly fab!

    Oh and I agree on white leg front too - mine just never seem to brown!

    Great to see you back xx

  8. Gorgeous!

    I never dress up since I work in my pjs so Christmas is my only time to really go all out since I feel way over done with my style at church...you know how it is =)

  9. Adorable. I can see why you NEEDED that dress... because it's fabulous.

    White is the new tan. I'll rock it with you.

  10. I'm pale and lovin' it.

    Look at you-hot MAMA!

  11. So you really had to blog about the excited bra/panties dance and make relive it all over again. Well, if I end up on the 4th floor...the whole world has proof as to why!

  12. I LOVE that dress and it looks amazing on you! the purple is so flattering! I agree with you... when you feel THAT GOOD in something, you just HAVE to buy it. no ifs, ands or butts about it! and even if you don't have a legit event to wear it to at the moment, I'm sure something will come up during the holiday season, and you will already have a smashing outfit!

    and no worries on the white legs. mine are that white too! really. maybe a little more pinkish, but still super pale. (I tell people my skin is pink, not white. I'm always being asked if I have been in the sun. well, no, that's just my skin color!)

    finally, I am glad to hear you are doing well. just being Bethany is a great thing to be! I know that sounds cheesy, but I mean it.

  13. Love the dress. I think retail therapy is amazing. I love the mirror too. is that at your apartment?

  14. you look beautiful :) great purchase.

  15. Bethany...you look fantastic! The dress is really sweet and totally suits you! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  16. Thank you so much (again) ladies for your sweet words about my dress, my shoes and my decor! (And for so many back-me-ups on the white legs...GO TEAM PASTY!)

    This is indeed taken in my apartment, although I will admit to snagging little items throughout my house to create a little vignette. So, everything pictured is mine, but usually spread out throughout the apartment :)

    Happiest holidays, girlies!


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