(the ultimate) thankful thursday

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Maybe this is a simple, cliche sentiment, but this year I am entirely thankful for everything that surrounds me. I feel as though my life has gone through a little "flip" from last year to now...and although I find myself single, less financially secure (thank you, surmounting college debt), and pounding out homework hours like a crazed woman, I am so much more aware of everything I can count as a blessing.

Here are the largest of blessings I've found this year:

...my family, who when I am at my busiest knows not to call, but rather shows up at my office with a snack and a hug, or secretly drops by my apartment while I'm gone to wash my dishes.

...my friends, who are aware that I love them endlessly, despite my terrible ability to stay in contact beyond birthdays, anniversaries and a few calls in between.

...my co-workers, who feel like a mix between family and the closest of friends.

...a small disposable income, which allows me to meet friends for dinner or movies and buy new, fancy things which I truly don't need, but which bring me more happiness and cheer than I care to admit. :)

...the teachers who have, in their classes, taught me more about myself, the way I view the world and the creative process than I ever thought possible.

...my old car, and it's sticktoitiveness in the face of all the extra miles spent commuting to school this semester.

...my little one bedroom, upper apartment. A place that I have slowly found becoming home...walls and floors and doors that someday, when I move, I will miss so thoroughly, but will remember as a little space in which I defined my hopes and dreams.

...studio 301. A classroom in which I arrived most timidly, just a few months ago, nervously clutching my backpack and so wildly unsure of me. Now it is a room which I feel I've learned, thanks to several late nights and weekends, a room that has been a blank space for me to write, draw and create...to push away my timidity and cluttered thoughts and find myself.

Hoping, hoping, hoping that you have just as many, if not more, things for which to be thankful...and that today you are surrounded by those you love. This is truly the season for love, and I'm praying that each of you finds yourself positively drowning in it :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Bethany! You write beautifully... I'm so glad to "know" you through this little world of blogging! Hope you enjoy a wonderful and relaxing, extra-long weekend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! What wonderful things to be thankful for.

  3. happy thanksgiving love! I adore your thankful list, I'm thankful for many of the same things. it is always good to remind yourself about all you have in life, which is why I love thanksgiving time. oh, and then there's the food, too! :)

    hope you are having a fabulous weekend! and know that I am thankful for you! <3

  4. better late....
    we were in your neck of the woods for the weekend with family and loved every minute of the much-too-short-time. thanks for sharing your list of blessings with us.

  5. You seem like the most optomistic, down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky gal. You sure have got a lot to be thankful for, especially British professors. Me-ow.

    Oh and a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I've been feeling so blah that it's taken all my energy to even post anything on me own blog, let alone come visit all my fave blogs!

  6. Just saw you + your Christmas tree picture on Facebook.

    This truly is the most wonderful time of the year, dear Beth.

  7. That is a great list. And you can add one more.... you won the poster on the giveaway! I can gladly mail it to you ormeet you in Hudson or something if you would like!

  8. oh my gosh!!! I am in love!!! BTW.... check out my blog soon for your shout out ;)


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