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wintersunshine.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat

(Me, in my very favorite spot in the entire world, peering out of the second-story window in my apartment.)

Sometimes life takes you for a whirl, and sometimes you just simply feel the impending whirl brewing. Currently I'm experiencing the latter. I love the fact that my life story is still unwritten, that there are pages and pages I have yet to fill, but sometimes I am easily overwhelmed thinking of all the decisions, the exhaustion and struggles that will fill each page. Isn't that amazing, though? Our God gives us this blank journal, a lovingly stitched together world, but then selflessly hands us the pen. With that, each of us receive the freedom to write the story. He allows us to move the setting, to change the characters, manage the conflicts, the romances, the development within those pages. But ultimately He's sitting right beside us as we pen, working steadfastly behind the scenes, there when we seek Him, always present within our hearts and woven so very intricately into our stories.

Lord, You are an truly artist, my most awesome creative Father. You simply overwhelm me. :)


  1. Lovely, lovely way to put this dear one. Thank you for reminding me to reflect on all the blessings that we're given and all the opportunities He lays at our feet waiting to see what we'll do with them.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. what a beautifully written post. I am often overwhelmed with all of my life's unwritten pages. it seems I always want to know how the story will turn out... or at least what happens next! I many times feel out of control of my own life, but this reminds me that I do indeed hold the pen. that I can write in the happiness that I need and seek.

    I think we are both in the same place-- feeling the "impending whirl brewing." I hope that when the whirl comes, I can handle it with as much grace as you have shown in these few words.

    as always, thanks for sharing. and I hope you too are enjoying the holidays! xoxo

  3. Beautifully written, Bethany. And a great reminder to feel that guiding presence, especially at this crazy, hectic, wonderful time of the year...

    Love the photo!

  4. I adore your photo! I feel that there is something extra special about the winter sun. I love to sit in my kitchen with the sun streaming through the windows at this time of year - the pale wintery sun is magical in some way I think xx

  5. I agree with Cassie. The sun has to try extra hard at this time of year, so we appreciate it all the more. Magic? Absolutely!

  6. Beautiful photo to accompany a beautiful post. I often feel overwhelmed just knowing that there is much to come and that it will often be trying, but it's good to know that there is someone good watching out for us.

  7. Be careful...that impending whirl you hear could be the perverbial toilet flushing!!

  8. Thanks for the love, ladies :) Glad to know I'm not alone in finding comfort in this idea! And I agree about the winter sunshine...it's like it's trying extra hard to smile its radiant beams down through the chill :)

    And Dad, thank you for that oh-so eloquently stated sentiment. So deeply moving. (Can you hear the dripping sarcasm?) :) Just one time I try to take it to Seriousville, and you pull out the big guns...the potty jokes. How lovely. :) Love you anyways...but mostly because I have to... :)

  9. Well stated. Love your very artsy perspective of our gift of free will.


    1. I just finished a piece of that Real Simple lasagna you so highly recommended. Too bad Gabe totally missed out when you made this stuff. It's a pretty scrumptious, grown-up way to 'play lasagna' or whatever you called it. ;) His loss.

    2. That Ikea chandie can be all yours...Just put it on your Christmas wish list. It worked for me!

    Happy December!

  10. another insightful post!! you do have a knack for finding a common thread for us all.
    congrats, too, on your win at secondstreetdesigns!!

  11. What a lovely post!

  12. you have such a way with words! Love the picture too.

  13. What a lovely and insightful post! And I loooooove your lamp!

  14. i love that picture of you. so full of joy and happy with your life and discovery. He is AWESOME! have a great weekend.

  15. Hey Beth! I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season! Hope all is well!!


  16. what a pretty pretty apartment you have!

  17. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post ... (which is beautiful, by the way)... but I love your lamp! It caught my eye.... Love ya and I hope to see you in a couple weeks! =)


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