...should have been left on the cutting room floor.

robotnecklace_picnik.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat
(For the very first time in months, this is not my photo. Apologies, but the Anthro I visited this weekend did not have this beast in stock.)

Dear Anthro,

I love you sooo much, but what happened here? I thought you knew women better than this. We love the frivolous, and although the frivolous can sometimes be one wobbly side-step away from ridiculous, this has seriously crossed that border in a wildly heinous way. Was this just an intoxicated mistake made by your jewelry design team after last year's drunken Christmas party? Waist-length robot necklace? Four hundred dollar price tag? I cannot think of a single woman I know who would consider this a fantastic piece of frivolity.

Get it together...sober up and return to the drawing board. (I say that with love.) You have much to make up for here.


P.S. Maybe you can make up for this nearly unforgivable sin by knocking a couple bucks off of this blouse or this sweater? Just sayin'...I'm willing to make a deal.


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  2. I'd also allow forgiveness if they opened up a plus size line...

  3. oooh! tough love! i'm impressed by your ferver!! (and agree 100%)

  4. I agree! Aren't we in a recession here?!? Who has that kind of money to drop on one little necklace?!?

    I love that place but it is way to pricey for me!

  5. Hilarious! Thank you, Bethany, for saying what we all knew needed to be said!

  6. that's funny. I agree, sometimes I wonder when they try and sell you the oddest stuff. but the good news is that everything there eventually clears out, so you probably can find both at a deal.

  7. Four.

    I'm sorry, but that is some crazy pot they are smoking if they think that is the least bit cute.


  8. Oh that sweater in black is superb1 I agree, that 98 dollar price tag should be brought down a little.


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