on meeting a prince.

florida012.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat
(This weekend I found myself in Florida, near the sea. It was beautiful.)

We, single ladies, like to pretend princes no longer exist...as if they're some mythical creature of old that now we can only experience by returning to books, movies and age-old stories. But every once in a very great while, you meet one. A prince who still believes in chivalry, sweetness and old-time romance. A prince whose eyes melt your heart, whose gentle softness warms you completely, who sees beauty and experiences creativity as you do...a prince who possesses a killer vocabulary (yes, this princess is a little nerdy) and makes you feel alive.

Confession: I kissed a real, true prince, and my silly heart was captured. I threw the caution I typically surround myself with to the wind and fell for him so completely, so quickly. Unfortunately, I did not capture his heart.

And so, I now endure the heartache that only a pining princess can truly say she's experienced. Sighing endlessly, drumming my fingers against the table, wistfully gazing out my window...each passing second feeling like an eternity.

Romance is terrifying, and this formerly suave princess is so very, very awful at playing it cool.


  1. Wow. That prince has no idea what he'll be missing...

  2. smile, smile, smile!

    how exciting and scary and everything all at once!

  3. In my opinion, no prince will ever be good enough for my sister...but if he doesn't choose you, he should be dethroned!

    I have so much respect for you for putting your heart on your sleeve and putting yourself out there. I know how hard that is for you (and me too!). So now you have more pratice, not just in kissing, but in showing love, so you will be ready to show your beautiful heart when your true prince comes along.

    Love you!

  4. Look at the bright side.. you threw caution into the wind, and made it out alive! You live, you learn.

    You'll find your prince Beth, I promise. An awesome catch like yourself has a prince out there somewhere.

  5. It's never a bad thing to put yourself out there! A nerdy prince is the best!

    p.s. Great picture!


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