packing up the prince.

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It's amazing the things one can stash away over the course of a month or two. The cards, letters, notes, Christmas gifts, the little pieces from a few days together.

The intelligent girl in me knows that a clean break is smart. She knows that throwing away these trinkets, deleting text messages, photos, e-mails...that is smart. But the romantic girl in me feels otherwise. She's the one whose soft heart carefully stashed away each item in the drawer she'd dedicated to things from him. Maybe in time, she'll be ready to throw it all away. But not yet. Just not yet.

So this box, note attached, was my compromise. And as I precariously climbed atop a dusty trunk to tuck the box in the deepest depths, the nearly unreachable parts of my storage closet...I only cried a little.

And for right now, a little is so very good. :)


  1. Super idea, Beth, because a few years from now you might be feeling nostalgic and want to take a little peek at the trinkets you collected. Twice (twice!) I got rid of things from a boy I had loved and both times I regretted it. I am happily married now, but I still wish I could take a glimpse back into my past and read a love note or two!

    PS: Am sending you an email right now. Intrigued?

  2. Dear Adorable Bethany,
    You're taking steps in the right direction! The tears will turn to laughter in time. Guaranteed.

  3. i like your little idea...i should think that there will be a time when you no longer wish to look back because you are so busy looking forward. i have given you the happy 101 award...i hope you will share with us 10 things that make you happy...just stop on by to pick it up! i am thinking of you and know how the loss can sting the heart...but i promise the hurt will lessen.
    big hugs!

  4. Bethany--

    This is for you:

    He's on his way.
    For now, let me just say that I admire you and how you are not bottling everything up rather you are expressing emotions and are not afraid anymore of letting people in and how you're exposing how you truly feel. Just keep waiting at the bus stop even though sometimes you want to get up and leave...

  5. I did the same thing when after my first heartbreak at the tender age of 16.

    I gave the box to my mother and promised her not to give it to me until 3 months had passed. A year later, I remembered it.

    You have endured a lot in the past couple of months, girl. This will soon be a tiny blip on your radar.

    Stay strong ;)


  6. What a great idea! Keep your head up. Someday, maybe sooner rather than later, you'll have another prince come along that may make you want to throw the box away and never look into it again. Or it may make you want to open the box, smile at the fond memories, close it and move on. Either way, you'll be stronger for this!

  7. This is a good idea.A compromise of sorts.

  8. it is so hard to pack up those romantic things, isn't it? I went into my old room at my parents house the other day and there are STILL photos of me and my ex-boyfriend (from high school!). I could never bear to take them down and so I never did, and it was easy to forget about it all since I moved out. but it looks like I will have to be taking them down soon. but even then, I don't think I could throw them away. so I might have to do as you did-- put them in a box with a very smart letter attached!


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