a place to lay my head.

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(Yes, I still have a twin bed. It's snuggly...and a little nerdy.)

Whenever something unpleasant happens in my life, I find myself rearranging my home. As if moving beds, chairs, tables and hanging new wall decor is symbolic for what I'm so desperately trying to do in my heart: shove hefty things about and gain a new perspective.

Enough psychobabble. Ahem.

Although this weekend was packed with busyness, I was determined to sleep in a freshly styled bedroom tonight. More than anything, I was trying to avoid the shabby-chic look that I adore. Shabby-chic still has my heart, but it can so easily get "busy" in a small space. A mix of sleek boutique hotel and flirtatious youthfulness seemed like a fun challenge, though. Simple. Unfussy. Easily edited in the future.

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The madness began: I found myself trying to jam a 4'X4' piece of particle board into my backseat, buying about fourteen sizes of heavy duty staples and hammering my own finger. What can I say? Not exactly a DIY diva, here. For future reference: the particle board won't fit. It's theoretically impossible. Triple check your stapler size. And, well, the last one's obvious: look before you swing.

But, to those DIY headboard skeptics, I say: Easy. As. Pie. Actually, easier. The cost of supplies was around $30, and I was finished within an hour. If you're lucky enough to have a husband, trusty boyfriend or a random stud of a man to assist you, I guarantee you can finish it in half that. I flew solo on this project, which made a few steps a smidge sticky. Maneuvering this weighty beast alone was a little challenging, but nothing a goal-oriented gal can't handle.

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(That lampshade is tilted, I know. It's driving me crazy, too.)

It was so good for the heart. There's nothing quite like the therapeutic swinging of a hammer, letting your mind get lost in trivial things like mirror arrangements and throw pillows. Leave behind longing thoughts of a man, looming pile of work e-mails, surmounting cost of tuition and early morning commutes. Simply bliss out and experience joy while creating a new living, breathing space.

In the silliest of ways, I feel like a new woman. :)


  1. It looks fabulous! You did an awesome job!!

  2. It looks awesome. Bet it feels great, I also find rearranging rooms so therapeutic.

  3. and feel like a new woman you should, because this is fabulous! great work. i am uuber impressed you pulled off the headboard all on your own. oh yeah--the particle board is a witch.

  4. Good Job! The space looks great - and you're right - moving furniture can be very theraputic. I love the sassy portrait...

  5. Nice job... love the new headboard. I want to make one of those for our guest bedroom when we remodel it.

  6. It looks amazing. You can now sleep in a fresh place and I am sure it will help you feel more rested and peaceful.
    Well done you, give yourself a huge pat on the back lovely xx

  7. i'm impressed with your DIY! your refreshed dreamland turned out amazing :) great job!!

  8. it looks lovely, you did a great job. I love re-arranging, always makes life feel better I think.

  9. it looks great beth- I love it. You make me want to rearrange my boudoir!

    And PS.. you have the best smile :)


  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it! The headboard turned out great! And I love all the chic little embellishments - amazing what a new lampshade and throw pillow can do. I am so jealous of your skillz!! :)

  11. Love it! I am in love with those colors. Very soothing.

  12. It looks awesome! It's simple and clean with a little girly frill. I love the look with the black pillow and black lamp shade. I am always telling myself I have to avoid the shabby chic look too. I was into it for so long and my tastes are changing, but old habits are hard to break.

  13. Great job.

    PS: Sometimes boys aren't good at the DIY things. No really, I know.

  14. beautiful! so elegant, simple and perfect!


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