self3.jpg picture by wakeworkrinserepeat

(One of my classes this semester features...a four foot drawn/painted self-portrait. Consider me nervous. On another class-related note: I just started reading this book for my Art History class. Cannot. Put. It. Down.)

There's a beautiful moment in recovering from heart-smushing, in which you realize that you can do no more. You can wish and pray that you'd been enough...but you can't force your way into someone else's heart. Unfortunately, this discovery doesn't mean you'll pine any less, but it does leave you with a little peace. The ability to breathe.

Sometimes, you have to stop dreaming of princes, of happily ever afters...and start living for happily right now.

Perhaps in living happily right now...my happily ever after will be found. :)


  1. I absolutely love that shot - you look stunning. That top is beautiful and you can guess you had me at the hydrangeas.
    I am starting to get the feeling you are making leaps and bounds! Keep smiling Bethany xx

  2. What a gorgeous photo. You are so charming!

  3. You have freckly shoulders... just like me! What a great photo. You look like a classic movie star at her dressing table!

    A little bit of peace and the ability to breathe go a very long way. They're a great start. So glad that you're on your way to living happily right now, Bethany.
    And thrilled to bits to play a little teeny part in giving you something happy to look forward to!

  4. Geraldine Brooks - love her! Read Nine Parts Desire (hope I got that right) and could not put it down

  5. The photo is gorgeous and you are stunning! It's nice to hear that you are doing better!"Living happily right now" is definitely a good start. Keep smiling!

  6. I'm working on the happily ever now too. Great picture.

  7. what an absolutely gorgeous photo of you! I'd be nervous to draw or paint a self-portrait BUT at least you has such a beautiful self to work with! :)

    and I think living for happily right now sounds good. really good. not just for you, but for me, too.

  8. I love the picture! You look like Rachel McAdams! Really!


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