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One last resolution: less words. (Why? See last post. So many words. Soooo many.) Goodness gracious, I'm sure your eyes need a break. I'll keep it simple today.

I like sparkly things. I'm female--so no explanation needed. But in the midst of packing up from Christmas, these sparkly things caught my attention and reminded me that although I was somewhat glumly packing away my favorite sparkles, a few of them could remain out...year round. :)

(Whew. That brevity almost killed me. Not sure I can do this...)


  1. Do not for a second think that we don't like reading your long posts. I can only speak for myself, but this reader admires how carefully and thoughtfully you compose your blog--so wish that I would be able to write like that more. I wish that I was able to get my point across as well as you can but still write with thought and grace.

    P.S. Like the earrings too:)

  2. i love reading your post. i like those sparkles :)happy new year!

  3. I absolutely ditto what Amanda said. I totally admire how you put your thoughts to blog, so to speak.

    And are they Ikea panels I spot in the background? I had them hanging in my old house, love!

  4. I love all your new posts, and don't worry, you are not overly wordy. They are great - you have a knack.

  5. Oh Bethany. You make me smile!

    Doesn't matter how long (or brief) the post, I always love to read what you write.

    Hope you are having a truly sparkly day!

  6. Don't hold back, Bethany! You have a wonderful way with words! It's a gift. Keep writing from your heart!

  7. what everyone else said. i love your rambling posts. it's your vulnerability that makes what you write so accessible. keep it up! :D

  8. I have a hard time with brevity too. my editor just had a meeting with me about it! agh! haha. but I love all your posts... sorry I have been MIA in commenting though! and I think sparkles are definitely good all year round!


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