ushering the holidays out.

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Incase this has gone undetected, I'll state it for the record: I love shades of aqua more than most sane and healthy individuals. This is evidenced in my apartment (above), and found to be abundantly true at Christmas. Playing with an aqua, red and silver color palette could keep me decoratively entertained for ages. But now that the holidays have passed,thinking about packing up the Christmas decor feels especially blue (no pun intended), as it means I pack away some of my favorite reds and silvers. However, I know that part of the excitement of that palette is knowing that I only have it to enjoy for so long. So, goodbye:

...sparkly silver star. Although you routinely tipped to the left this year, your overall atop tree performance was stellar.

...rosy-nosed Rudolph. Your earnest claymation sweetness never fails to make me smile. We'll meet next December and I'll melt anew at your heart-warming exclamation of, "She thinks I'm cuuuute!"

...cheery red berry threads strung throughout my apartment. You're such an inexpensive, festive fix to a decoratively dull tablescape. Weave through anything, add votives and tada! Centerpiece city.

...swell display of cast-off ornaments. You may not have the honor of donning my tree, but you're doing a fantastic job perking up my entryway in my favorite vintage glass bowl. Well done, glittery orbs.

Until next year, my beauties. :)


  1. I just undecorated my office. It looks so bare :(



  2. Oh Bethany, I do love to read your writing! It's so earnest and true (and adorable). Love your decorations... and we are big fans of Rudolph around here as well. The boys like to run about, pinching their noses, and shouting "I'm cute! I'm cute!" in a really nasally way.

    Our decorations are coming down over the next few days. I will be so sad to say good-bye to the twinkly lights. January is just so dark and grey. Will make the best of it though, and look forward to next year. Oh, how I love December 1st, when all the boxes come out again!

  3. I have a firm commitment to celebrating Christmas through Epiphany, so I say "leave'em up until January 7!"

  4. I have to agree with your love for aqua, silver and red. makes my heart happy. I am not looking forward to taking down my holiday decorations, but I have to do it soon.


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