the eyes have it.

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(Confession: I collect salt and pepper shakers. Just a few of them, but I like to set them up like this. Uninterrupted adorable eye contact.)

Several days ago I found myself gazing into a very handsome man's blue eyes, and he into mine...both of us trying desperately not to blush as five minutes passed. Three hundred seconds of uninterrupted eye contact. The blushing was nearly unavoidable as we sat three feet apart, silently allowing our eyes to travel across every millimeter of the other's face. Exploring lips, skin, cheeks...colors and textures and shapes.

Talk about getting intimate with a stranger.

We were in a classroom filled with 20 others, and preparing to draw portraits. Thinking back to those few minutes, I felt so exposed. I couldn't hide anything. A flinch, a smile, an expression...he could see it all. The first minute felt like an agonizing hour, the second like an entire day, but by the third it began to feel comfortable, like I'd known those eyes for some time. Slowly, as the seconds slipped by, the vulnerability felt strangely therapeutic.

The experience now has me thinking about how infrequently we look into each other's eyes-even the eyes of close friends and family. If eyes are the windows to the soul, perhaps we elude eye contact so very much in an effort to avoid having our souls seen?

Just a thought.

Another thought: Perhaps I should routinely make a purposeful effort to sit next to handsome classmates? :)


  1. oh this is a sweet little post. i think you're right...all to often we don't really take the time to look people in the eyes. i know that feeling of vulnerability when someone intently looks me in the eye. i love that you had to participate in this exercise with a handsome classmate...and like your strategy for upcoming classes {cute}
    happy monday.

  2. wow, beth you are so ever eloquent. i am blushing with the thought of me staring into anyone's eyes for so long...let alone a cute boy. you're so right--eye contact is fiercly underrated.

  3. I loved this post. And I adore those salt and pepper shakers. AND I think you're onto something there. I'd sit next to him again!

    No parcel yet?! I'm sure it will arrive any day now...

  4. Confession: Whenever I'm at your apartment, I've wanted to put tho e two beak to beak so it looks like they're kissing, but I always thought you'd make fun of me.

    P.S. Can I sneak into class with you? Maybe I can fit in your art supplies bag? It'd be swell. Thanks!

  5. In a world of texts and emails eye contact can make you feel human. Try it with your next grumpy cashier....
    Love the S&P!!

  6. Hi Bethany, Yeah you're so right but funny how we don't really realise we're not doing it, until we are in a situation like this. Your class sounds really interesting and creative. Cool how you ended up with the handsome classmate!

  7. Wow that's a pretty intense way to spend five minutes I know I would blush too! But you are right people don't really look at other people in the eye it's rather sad. This guy sounds pretty cute? At least you are at school and can meet new people I'm stuck in an office all day and there is zero potential : )

  8. There is a rawness that comes with eye contact.

  9. I collect stand MIXERS! So, I think your salt/pepper shaker love is quite adorable! <3


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